Aqua Club Update (Tennis)


Hello all,

First, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time.

This would have been a big holiday weekend for the club, with an entire new clubhouse and locker rooms.

Construction is finishing up the last little bits and we are working on getting the pool back open and ready for everyone as soon as we are able.

Limited tennis has been opened by the Governor. We will be opening tennis by reservation this weekend,


After that we will need to close again for annual cleaning and repairs. We did want to give members some access for this weekend.

There are many requirements that are necessary to make this opening function.

What the club will be doing to help keep everyone safe and following the guidelines:

  • We will have a staff person / staff monitor on site who will sign each person in and will collect contact information (first name, last name, physical address and telephone number).
  • Our staff will be wearing a mask with all interactions with you.
  • The staff person will also be wiping down high touchpoint areas in between reservations, enforcing recommended social distancing.
  • We will also have a hand sanitizing station. We would love it if you could bring your own because supplies are limited.

What we need members to do:

  • Please wear a mask when interacting with our staff. Please be kind to each other.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer to use during your tennis time, if you have some, as we have a limited supply.
  • Each player must BYOB (Bring Your Own Balls). Use your own tennis balls while you are serving.
  • No touching each other’s tennis balls. Kicking back balls is the recommendation.

To abide by the guidelines, here are the rules for play:

  • Only singles tennis is allowed if players are from different households
  • Doubles tennis only allowed when all four members are from the same household.

If you are new to reserving a court time, you will need to register at: 

If you have any issues with the signup page on our website, please either email or text Corey.

Email: [email protected]

Text: 601-297-9977

Once approved, you may make one reservation per day (per person). You may have only one reservation at a time. No guests currently, only summer members.

We will meet all the guidelines set by the state for a soft opening for tennis in Phase 1. If we do not abide by these rules and violate the requirements that are given, we could be shut down. Please do your best to monitor yourself and your fellow tennis players. Phase 2 will bring in doubles tennis (of members not from the same household), as well as flights, all while continuing the same social distance guidelines.  

For the full Outdoor Recreation Phase 1 Clarifications and Phase 2 COVID-19 Requirements, please read them here: