Swimming Equipment

Below are some suggestions for equipment. Feel free to use other brands or vendors. 


8 & unders - kickboard

9-10's - kickboard and pull buoy

11-12 - kickboard, pull buoy, fins, snorkel

13 & over - kickbarod, pull buoy, fins, snorkel


Snorkels and fins are only needed for Intermediate and Senior swimmers. 

If you already have some of this equipment, you do not need to buy another set. 

The size of the child determines if youth or adult size equipment is needed. Typically 10 & unders use youth kick boards and pull buoys, while 11 & overs use adult size equipment, but again it depends on the size of the child. If you have any questions, please email Coach Heidi (


Youth kick board

Adult kick board

Swim Fins

Swim Fins

Swim Fins

Youth pull buoy

Adult pull buoy

Speedo snorkel

TYR snorkel

Finis snorkel