EMAC Summer Updates & @Home Programming
Hello EMAC friends and family
We have the following items to communicate in this email.
1. ZOOM Town Hall Follow-up
2. Going Forward
3. @Home Programming
4. EMAC Summer Pool Plan
5. EMAC Officially Recognized as USA Swimming SafeSport Club
6. New Safety Protocols

Before we get started, two points to consider.  First, this email is intended for general information on what we plan to do.  We are busy working on the fine details including price, safety protocols, etc.  Second, our plans could change momentarily as regulations are lifted/adjusted.  Please be understanding as we go.  We are in an unpredictable situation.  More details will be communicated shortly as they become available.  

Zoom Town Hall Follow-up

Thank you to the over 100 parents who showed up on our Zoom Town Hall Meetings.  I was blown away by the number of parents and the support you expressed for our organization. Members overwhelmingly expressed support for both a June billing for @Home programming and a safe and smart return to practice when we are permitted by the State.  We received some great feedback on both fronts, and we are busy planning for the upcoming months.  

Going Forward

Because team sports are not permitted in the yellow phase, we will continue with our @Home Program until we move to Green Phase -or- until it is clear that the restriction has been lifted.  The head coaches of BLUE, EMAC, PAAC, and PSC are collaborating multiple times per week. Our intention is to work together to make a decision that is in the best interest of our collective memberships.  We did consider registering as a camp so that we could get back into the water.  All four area head coaches agreed not to pursue that option.  If you’d like to see our message on the matter, please click HERE.  

@Home Programming

In June we will be billing for our @Home Programming.  Please pay attention to the following points regarding our plans. 
1. We plan to bill the following for June.  The total of this amount across the athletes who have already registered for our @Home Programs leaves us a bit short of covering payroll.  The amounts were determined based on a combination of factors including content, days per week, product relative to our planned summer programs, and our need to cover costs.
○ Bees @Home:  $90
○ Wasps @Home: $120
○ Triathlon @Home: $130
○ Killer Bee @Home: $145
2. We will maintain the @Home schedule as-is until school lets out.  At that time, we will be moving to morning schedules and adding more opportunities.  Look for more details on this to be emailed later. 
3. Please review the current @Home roster HERE and make necessary communications from below.  Roster is alphabetical by member last name.   
a. Swimmers who do not want to pay for @Home programming are welcome to withdraw.  Please email and to make your request to withdraw.  Please note, however, that swimmers who remain with the club through these times will be given priority registration for future programming in which space is limited. This includes training groups over the summer, fall, and winter.  If you are considering withdrawing due to financial hardship, please contact Coach Doug prior to making that decision.  EMAC has a strong recent history of not turning people away for economic reasons.  
b. Swimmers who are not registered for @Home programming and want to be added simply need to register.  Email if you’d like to register for our @Home Program.  
c. Swimmers who plan to do a combination of Triathlon and Wasp or Bees should be listed in the “Triathlon” group for this billing.  
d. Swimmers who plan to do a combination of Triathlon and Killer Bees should be listed in the “Killer Bees” group for this billing.  Please be sure to communicate necessary roster changes to the appropriate coaches as well as
4. Killer Bees:  Coaches O, Coach Rob, and I are looking to re-establsih our EXCEL group.  We will be taking into account your engagement in our @Home programming as a factor.  If you wish to be in that group, you should hold yourself accountable to a standard worthy of placement into that group.  

EMAC Summer Pool Plan

Lehigh County is scheduled to move to Yellow Phase of PA's re-opening plan on June 5th.  In an announcement late last week, Governor Wolf cleared outdoor pools to open in Yellow.  As such, we are planning to open, and we have several awesome ways for you to GET YOUR SWIM ON this summer.  
We will be utilizing our pool for our swim team to train when we are permitted to return.  For the remaining hours of the day, we will be offering private, COVID-worry-free, recreational, fitness, and lesson opportunities. 
EMAC swim team members, EMAC lesson members, and 2019 EMAC summer pool members will get priority in reserving and renting these spaces.  Having your own swim zone at our pool will allow the swim recreation and fitness you crave without the hassle and worry about running into others as which is an added concern for Summer 2020.
Our tentative target open date for recreation, fitness, and lessons at EMAC is Saturday, June 6th.  More information on reserving your space, price, safety protocols, and other guidelines will be released shortly.  In the meantime, check out the EMAC 2020 Pool Usage Plan HERE to see the areas and amenities available for rent.  

EMAC Officially Recognized as a USA Swimming SafeSport Club

EMAC is the first club in the Lehigh Valley to achieve this recognition, which requires certain education and administrative responsibilities to be fulfilled.  Check out our SafeSport page on our website HERE for information and guidelines for helping us abide by the SafeSport standard.  

New Safety Protocols

We are busy developing new safety protocols based on CDC and PA guidelines for our facility, staff, and members.  Facility flow, drop-off, pick-up, social distancing, bathroom usage, cleaning, and other factors are all being evaluated currently.  When we come back, please expect things to be different.  Please help your swimmers to understand this.