Letter to membership re: resuming practice eventually


Dear Neptune families,

We hope you are all doing well and feeling like life is starting to open up a bit.  We have missed our swim family so much and are really looking forward to being together again at the pool.  As of today, May 28, we do not have any more details from the city of Santa Rosa on official start dates or how much water time we will get. 

Dues have been suspended for the month of June.  If you wish to pay all or a portion of your dues, please contact Dan Greaves,  

Here are the things we do know:

  1. Entry & exit plans have been developed to help facilitate the entrance & exit of all user groups. 

  2. Athletes will line up outside the gates (6 feet apart) no more than 5 minutes before the start of their practice wearing face masks.

  3. All Neptune Swimming staff will be wearing face masks at all times.

  4. Neptune Swimming will have a staff member monitoring the entrance, ensuring athletes use hand sanitizer upon entering.  

  5. Entrance staff will monitor for any signs of sickness.  We reserve the right to take a thermal read temperature on any athlete we suspect might be ill. 

  6. Parents are not allowed into the facility.  Parents can watch practice from outside the fence - wearing a mask and maintaining 6 feet of space between.

  7. Locker rooms will not be open or accessible.  

  8. Athletes must arrive & leave in their suits.

  9. Family changing room will be available for athletes and staff to use.

  10. 15 minutes gaps between groups will serve as a buffer to ensure our staff can clean any surfaces that have been touched, including door knobs, railings, bathrooms, etc.

  11. We have asked for permission from the city of Petaluma to be included in their pool re-opening. 


When permission is granted by the county & the city for Neptune Swimming to start using the pools, we plan to start with the following 3 groups:

  1. Elite

  2. Black

  3. Gold

We feel these 3 groups take the longest to regain their endurance and more importantly, can follow strict instructions we now must adhere to in order to eventually add more groups into the facility. 


Things to keep in mind:

  1. We most likely won’t be allowed to have more than 18 athletes in the water at any given time and it might be lowered down to 9 athletes in the water.  

  2. All training groups on the Neptunes have more than 9 kids in them.  Our plan is to split groups in half and stagger them so that half of the group is swimming while the other half is doing dryland. Then they would switch.  

  3. Practice times in the water will be scaled back significantly to accommodate as many kids as possible. 


We know this is difficult trying to keep your kids interested in a sport that seems so foreign at this time.  Here are some suggestions on how to get them swimming sooner than later:

  1. Lake Isanjo In Annadel state park is a great spot to hike to, swim across and hike back down.

  2. Yorty Creek at Lake Sonoma is a great sandy beach and easy swimming environment.  No boating is allowed so the water is fresh and calm.

  3. Russian River is flowing with a nice current so it’s possible to find some space and use it as an endless pool.

We know this isn’t Neptune practice, but it is swimming and does help the mind (a lot).


Thanks for your support & GO NEPTUNES!!