new Healthy at Work guidance from the governor's office and SKY Practices

Hello swimmers its been a long time out of the water for everyone. I hope everyone has been safe and I miss seeing all the smiling faces at the pool. Today the governor did lessen the restrictions on swim teams and lap swimmers. Starting June 1st, If the swim lanes are six (6) feet wide or wider, swimmers may swim one per lane, leaving from opposite ends and separated by lane lines during their entire swim. For example, a six-lane pool would have odd lanes enter at one end and even lanes enter at the opposite end. Swimmers are not permitted to stop and/or interact at the same end as an adjacent lane. If the swim lanes are less than six (6) feet wide, then swimmers must swim in every other lane, with one empty lane separating each swimmer.   

As you can see this is going to be a challenge to run a practice with large groups of swimmers. Currently the most difficult challenge is finding a pool to be able to hold practice. The pools we use for practice are recreational pools, Most of these pools have decided to keep there pool closed for the summer. The dome is closed at least until June 15th by the KHSAA. The country club pools will be giving priority to its members. The country clubs have approximately 300 members and only being able to service 6 members per hour I do not see them wanting to give up lane space. If you are currently a member of a country club/gym, start reserving lane time if you would like to swim.

Starting Monday June 1st, I will be posting workouts for kids to follow. The lanes are usually reserved for an hour and I will write 45 minute workouts. As soon as I can secure pool time, I will resume limited SKY practices. At the earliest starting date of June 15th. 

Coach DEE