PNS General Chair - UPDATE for the LSC

PNS COVID-19 Update (May 28, 2020)

Update on the Activities of Pacific Northwest Swimming and USA Swimming


Dear Swimmers, Coaches, Officials, and Families:

Hope that you continue to be healthy as June arrives with a couple of days of nice weather – enjoy the sunshine while it is here.  Over one-half of Washington counties have now received approval to begin a transition to Phase 2.  Unfortunately, that does NOT include King, Pierce and Snohomish where most clubs are located.  As summarized last week, efforts to improve that and open pools, at least on a restricted basis, are continuing.

Nominate HOD Delegates (please!):

Each club should have received a request from the PNS office (thank you Colleen) to identify their three (3) representatives for the virtual:

HOD Meeting  Saturday, June 27, 2020, 10:00 AM

The three club delegates need to include:  a coach, an athlete and an (non-coach, non-athlete) individual.  Those individuals will need to be identified prior to the meeting. 

Recall that the first order of business will be the approval of the new PNS By-Laws.  This is the planned agenda for the HOD:

Pacific Northwest Swimming

 HOD Meeting – Zoom Virtual Meeting

June 27, 2020

Call to order: 10:00 AM



1) Roll Call (by sign in to Zoom)

2) Opening Comments

3) Approval of the New 2020 PNS By-Laws

4) Reading, Corrections, & Approval of May 11, 2019, HOD Minutes

5) Report of Officers

6) Reports of Committees/Coordinators

7) Old Business - None

8) New Business

  • Coaches & Athletes Candidate Selection Meetings (Break – Specify Time)
  • Adoption of PNS Policy Changes
  • Elections
  • Approval of 2020-21 Fiscal Year Budget
  • Meet Calendar 2020-21
  • Announcement of Election results

Resolutions and Orders/Adjourn




USA Swimming is continuing its efforts to assist with recovery and return to water.  A survey of pools around the country last week produced results that, for approximately 1400 pools, only 10-12% have access to pools.  USAS was hoping that it would be approximately 20%.  The efforts to form a broader coalition of learn to swim, clubs and provider organizations are continuing:  USA Coalition .  June should also see the introduction of the new, re-designed USA Swimming website which many many folks are looking forward to.

USA Swimming and the USA Swimming Foundation announced that grants totally approximately $1.4M have been awarded to about 315 clubs around the country.  All member clubs that applied did receive funds.  The next round of applications will start approximately mid-June.  The Foundation and USA Swimming hope to award about $1.5M in that phase.  PNS has completed its review of applications for the LSC grant program and received approval from the tax experts.  Checks are now being issued to the clubs that applied for grants.  Similarly, all clubs that applied received approval by the review committee and will receive funding under the grant program.

A significant enhancement that is part of the Keeping Athletes First program is to provide On-line Registration.  Registrars from around the country are finalizing the requirements and testing initial models.  In addition, USA Swimming is also setting up a contract with a national PR firm to assist with publicizing efforts to re-open pools and to lobby for access to swim facilities.  This is in addition to the USA Swimming internal effort to provide marketing and recruiting materials to clubs.

USA Swimming is also working to address special meet considerations as competition resumes.  For instance, sites for virtual meets at club facilities may not have timing systems.  But, to meet social distancing requirements, most of those involved should be athletes, not the 3 timers/lane mandated by rules.  So those times may be recorded but noted as extraordinary times and not valid for qualifying or for records.

Everyone please stay safe and stay healthy.  Questions are always welcome and, like suggestions, can be forwarded via the message capability on the website.  Please continue to practice appropriate social distancing and good hygiene so that the recovery can proceed as rapidly as possible.  We hope to be able to see you at a pool soon!