Alexa Reyna & Claire Weinstein Selected for USA Swimming Select Camps !

Alexa Reyna & Claire Weinstein Selected for USA Swimming Select Camps !

Congratulations to Alexa Reyna, Age 14,  for being Selected to attend the 2020 National Diversity Select Camp !

National Diversity Select Camp Information

USA Swimming has announced the list of 48 junior athletes who will participate in the 2020 National Diversity Select Camp.

The selected athletes, who represent 42 clubs from 22 states, will receive airfare, room, and board to attend the National Diversity Select Camp from May 7th-10th at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Personal coaches of selected athletes have also been invited to attend the camp and will educational opportunities of their own. Coaches are provided room and board at the OTC.

According to USA Swimming:
The purpose of the camp is to instill a vision of success and inspire athletes from ethnically under-represented populations to become leaders in the sport of swimming. The National Diversity Select Camp brings together some of USA Swimming’s most diverse talent for an extended weekend of pool training, leadership development, team-building activities and learning. Athletes’ personal coaches are encouraged to attend the camp as well.
The goal of USA Swimming’s National Diversity Select Camp is to:

  • Demonstrate the viability of multicultural success in swimming
  • Achieve performance excellence at every level of the sport
  • Expound the benefits and value of participating in the sport of swimming
  • Assist in recruiting more swimmers and coaches from diverse ethnicities to the sport of swimming
  • Be positive leaders and role models that others from multicultural backgrounds can emulate.


Among the program’s alumni include 4-time Olympic medalist Simone Manuel and 2019 U.S. National Team members Jack Levant and Daniel Roy.

2004 Olympic silver medalist Maritza McClendon (Correia), who was the first black American to set an American and World Record in swimming, will attend the camp as well as a mentor for the young athletes.  She is one of 8 staff members representing clubs across the country that will lead the camp.  “It is powerful for these athletes to connect with other swimmers that are navigating our sport in a way they can relate to,” said Mariejo Truex, Senior Director of Education & Programs for USA Swimming. “For some, it is the first time they are able to see and interact with other swimmers that look like them or can identify with their experiences. This camp helps build leadership skills and drive performance knowing that these athletes aren’t the only ones and knowing that they have the necessary support from not only other athletes, but from coaches, officials, parents, volunteers and USA Swimming staff.”

Athletes must have applied to the program, and must have achieved the National Diversity Select Camp qualifying times (which are equivalent to AAAA times for 13-14 year olds).

USA Swimming announced the rosters for its 2020 Zone Select Camps on Friday, with this year’s version forced into a virtual format due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Led by James Leath, founder of Unleash the Athlete, the online sessions will include “discussions on leadership, including navigating change, setting and adapting goals, mental resiliency and character development.” There will also be virtual panel discussions with former and current USA National Team members, including Kelsi Dahlia, Hannah Moore, Sean Ryan and Tom Luchsinger.


2020 Eastern Zone Select Camp
Congratulations to Claire Weinstein, Age 12,  for being Selected to the attend the 2020 Zone Select Camp !
A total of 28 male and 28 female athletes were selected to attend the camp in each of the four Zones: Central, Southern, Western and Eastern.

The selection criteria was as follows:
14 athletes of each gender selected based on 2019 Long Course Meters (LCM) IMX point scores according to the following: Seven girls age 12 and seven boys age 13, and seven girls age 13 and seven boys age 14.
The additional 14 boys and 14 girls spots then went to the fastest swimmer in each Zone in each Long Course Meters (LCM) Olympic event. If a swimmer was already selected based on IMX score, the next fastest swimmer is selected in that event.

Way to Go Alexa and Claire !