PST and Barnacles Update 5/28/20

There will be NO charges for swim families for the month of June.  We are currently in discussions with Yavapai College with regards to how and when to restart swim practices in July.  As of now, we have the following information:

Tentative swim times would be as follows:  M-F 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm and Sat 9-1 or 1-3 (TBD)

Social distancing requirements of 6 feet between individuals will be maintained as much as possible. Due to this requirement, we will not be opening up the Barnacles program until these requirements are loosened. 

Swimmers will need to shower in the locker rooms prior to entering the pool. 

All kickboards, hand rails, etc. will be disinfected between sessions.

Any swimmers with any sign of illness should not and will not be allowed to participate in that day’s practice.

Current restrictions limit the number of people in the pool area to 10. With the swim coach and the lifeguard, this limits swimmers in the pool to 8. Because of this limitation, there will be NO parents allowed in the pool area.  We are still getting clarification on whether or not parents will be allowed in the locker rooms.

With all of this in mind, we would like some feedback from you!  Please replay with your responses to the following:

1) Are you interested in/ comfortable with having your swimmer(s) participate in the practices this summer?  Please assess whether or not your young swimmers will be able to comply with the social distancing requirements.  Due to these concerns, we will not be opening up the Barnacles program until these requirements are loosened. 

2) If your swimmers will be practicing, how many days per week and which days would you like to sign them up for?  This is not a firm commitment, but for informational purposes.  Once we are able to schedule for July, we will ask for a firm commitment as to the practice days.  Due to the limitation on how many swimmers can be in the pool at any one time, you will not be able to change your swim days, unless you can swap the day with another swimmer.  More information on this to follow.

3) If your swimmers will not be practicing this summer, please let us know and we will put your account on hold. 

Our commitment has been and always will be to provide a safe place for our swimmers.  We have very much missed our Pirates and Barnacles these last months and are so looking forward to getting lessons and practices going again.  Until then, please stay healthy and active!!