More Gators Optimism

Hi Gators!

We don't have all the updates we'd like to yet, but here's what we know: if the pool is allowed to open this summer, we will be running a swim conditioning youth sports camp! And from what we've heard so far, we’re very optimistic that pools will be allowed to open. So it's time to get our Gators in a row; remaining spots are limited, so if you're in, please pay your swim team dues at this time so we can plan accordingly and be ready to roll when they say go. If the pool doesn’t open, we will refund 100%.  

In all of this uncertainty, the amazing CPR-certified coaches you know and love have been all-in and standing by; please support them by considering (and recommending) them for any babysitting or private swim lessons you may need this summer! Get their contact info on our coaches page.

Other details to secure your spot:

  • Payment by check is now preferred so we can simply destroy if the pool stays closed. Please mail to Southglenn Gators Swim Team, 234 West Sylvestor Place, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80129. 
  • To participate, your SGCC swim or full membership must be paid, if you haven't done so already. We encourage families that intend to join if the pool opens to communicate this to the club so they can better gauge the financial situation.
  • We won't be collecting a volunteer deposit at this time. We will still need some parent volunteering to make this run smoothly.
  • Registration and dues info are available on our site.


  • We anticipate age-group attendance times remaining the same.
  • We will not be having swim meets.
  • This summer due to the rules in place we cannot accommodate swimmers who cannot easily swim one length of the pool as coaches may not physically correct form or enter the water with beginner swimmers for one-on-one coaching. We reserve the right to re-evaluate swimmer enrollment with parents based on swimmer skill level.
  • We will do our best to maintain a comparable length of the season. Due to the limits in place we may need to have subgroups or alternate attendance days. Your confirmed registration helps us plan and be organized for whenever the pool opens. Please review the info below and know that we will keep you posted!

Q: What does a Gators swimming youth sports camp look like?

A: Some things are still unknown, and we’re still awaiting some guidelines, but so far:

  • We anticipate needing a signed Covid-19-related liability waiver to participate.
  • Coaches are familiar with the latest Covid-19-related recommendations from USA Swimming.
  • We anticipate following the guidelines for youth sports camps from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, as well as federal, state, and local safety directives.  
  • We anticipate that we will be allowed to accommodate up to 25 kids at a time as an outdoor space and that 10 kids at a time will be allowed to swim laps.
  • The number of people who may gather is strictly limited by state and county rules, so:
    • Please pick up and drop off promptly.
    • Ideally, parents, sitters, etc. will not remain on site. If you prefer to stay, please avoid congregating and follow current local recommendations on things like masks. Please do not bring guests with you.
    • No siblings may be left unattended. Those who are not actively participating in swim conditioning need to leave the space. (Sorry, no wall-ball this year!)
    • Swimmers need to exhibit a serious and good-faith effort at social distancing. We reserve the right to re-evaluate swimmer enrollment with parents based on swimmer maturity level.
    • Restrooms will likely be open for handwashing and urgent situations only. Please arrive ready to swim and leave in your swimsuit. Showers and the Club lobby will not be available.

And of course:

Participation is voluntary and at your own risk. Swimmers should absolutely not attend if

  • they have a temperature over 100.4
  • they are ill or anyone in their household is ill
  • they are demonstrating any symptoms of Covid-19 or are known to have been exposed to Covid-19.

Most importantly, we love, understand, and respect our Gators who aren't down for this this summer and can’t wait to catch you on the flip side!