Safe Sport Zoom Links

If you have not attended a SafeSport Zoom Meeting please try to attend soon. USA Swimming is requesting that all teams become Safe Sport Recognized. All of the coaches have completed the training. Swimmers age 12 and older and parents should attend a zoom training. If you have any questions please email

Thank you,

Coach Jennie Lou


From USA Swim:

Please communicate to your parents and athletes, that a survey link will be given at the end of each training to take attendance. If USA Swimming does not receive their attendance in the survey they will not be counted as attending. Additionally people cannot get credit twice. If they have taken training via LEARN they will not be counted again for club credit if they also take the Zoom class.  USA Swimming asks that we Please refrain from sending emails about attendance verification. The number participating is fantastic and very time consuming to calculate manually.
In case you need the links again, here they are: 


Thursday - Athlete Training

Friday - Coach Training