Desmond Strelzow talk


I would like to thank Desmond for talking to our swimmers and hope that anyone who has any more questions for him, will forward them to me so I can let him know.\

The talk included things such as training, commitment level, sacrifices and having sport be an influencer in future life skills.  He was able to do the small things right and maintain a purpose without losing sight of the dedication and commitment needed to succeed!

Desmond talked about being a late maturer (growing 10” in grade 12, to 6’10” height) and having success at a younger age, plateauing for a few years where other athletes became faster, then again becoming one of the best in Canada again later.  He attributed much success later to staying focused throughout those plateau years in being consistent in training and doing things, drills and workouts as helping him to pass others who became complacent in their training.  His one regret was not to work his weakness as much as he did his strength.  In saying that, he talked about how he felt that pulling was something that he was very strong at and wished he would have focused on developing his kick more.

He attended both UBC and UVIC, went on to join the French Foreign Legion and became a derivative trader.  Swimming gave him opportunity to travel the World.  It also gave him aerobic fitness which helped him in the military and life in general.  Early morning training helped him in doing his current job where he has to be ready to work by 6 AM.

We thank him for sharing his time and experience with our swimmers.  We wish him and his family all the best!

We had just over 60 attendees at this talk!