Weekly Bulletin #9

Weekly Bulletin #9

Hello GSH swimmers and parents,

I am sorry I didn’t send the bulletin on Monday as every week. Last Friday, Swim Canada and Swim Ontario sent guidelines to prepare a safe return to the pool. I needed to understand the information and what is behind before creating any false hopes.

We are finishing 12 weeks of isolation, which has been a tremendous challenge for everyone. We all want to go back to our normal life, that comfort zone we were 12 weeks ago, the reality is that that’s probably not going to happen, at least not to exactly what we had in March. The re-start of swimming and re-opening of pools will be an evolving process, as everything related to this virus, it will be imperative to follow the Swimming Canada, Swim Ontario guidelines and work closely with facilities following the guidelines outlined by the federal, provincial and municipal regulations to ensure a safe return.

To better understand the process involved in re-opening the facilities, one variable is a capacity challenge with the mandatory inspection of re-opening pools. When a public pool is re-opened in Ontario, it requires a visit and inspection by the local Public Health authority. These local authorities are extremely overwhelmed and overworked, dealing with issues related to COVID-19. 

I understand how much we all want to go back to the pool. Still, we need to realize the importance of everyone’s collaboration, in following the new rules and routines methodically. We will need to protect our participants from being exposed to or infected with the Covid-19; it will only take one single confirmed case at the pool to shut the whole program down again.
The adjustments in the practice routines may include many areas some examples could be:

  • Carpool restrictions or prohibitions.

  • Unique drop off and pick up locations.

  • Changes in the entry and exit maybe use of different doors.

  • Reduction, restriction or prohibition of using the changerooms

  • Swimmers might have to come and go with there swimsuit on.

  • Increased practice preparation times, having to clean all the equipment before and after practice.

  • More and new Hygiene practices, questionaries and check-ups.

  • Facility sanitation practices.

  • Restrictions on the number of people allowed not only in the pool but in the whole complex, may parents may not be allowed to wait inside the complex.

  • Use of face masks and hand sanitizers consistently inside the complex.

  • Prohibition to come earlier or leave later than the practice times.

  • Changes in the social environment during practice, reduction in the number of swimmers per lane, or not be allowed to come close to friends.

And many other ideas, I hope that most of These details will become clearer in the next few weeks, we need to see our return to swimming as a privilege that will require a lot of discipline. I feel it will be easier to accept the new norm if we realize that even though this is not what we would want this is the reality, we are not going to go back magically to March 16, life, sport, swimming, racing, training, etc. will be different.

We have to see everything with the right perspective; something is better than nothing. We have been out for 12 weeks, going back to where we were will take another long period, patience, prudence, empathy are virtues that we all need to practice I know it is not easy. Still, it is crucial to have a safe, low-risk training environment.

For now, I strongly suggest that everyone stay working out, follow our daily practices or another program that keeps you active, motivated and challenges your abilities.

Visit the  Family Resources & Helpful Links section on our web page for more training, nutrition, mental health ideas. You will have to be signed in to access this information.

If you ate interested the Swim Ontario Town Hall meeting with Swimming Canada’s High-Performance Director John Atkinson and Director of Integrated Support Teams Allan Wrigley link is there, also the Q&A from the Town Hall, the Swim Ontario Return to Sport announcement and the Swimming Canada Return to Swimming Framework document links are there.

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I wish everyone a great week, 

Luis Luebs