Illinois Swimming Pool Update 6/6

Well after a week of grim news about pools in Illinois the IDPH provided some hope last night when they released their guidelines for pools under phase 3 of the governor's Restore Illinois plan.  The guidelines can be found here.

IDPH is allowing pools to open for lap swim, team practice and lessons.  This decision to open pools is at the discretion of each facility and comes with many provisions which are found in the guidelines.

So what does this mean for CWAC?  Well it's step one in getting our pools to reopen.  All pools we currently use are part of larger organizations and many of them are just opening up their buildings right now so the first things on their mind is not opening the doors to pool rentals. 

We have had strong and longstanding relationships with our facilities and they value us as renters. We have conveyed our message to them providing a safe plan and will now have state guidelines as a template.  We will continue vigilant contact with our facilities and will be sure to keep our families updated.

Many teams that use high school, college, YMCA and park districts pools are going to be in the same boat as they wait for school districts and higher ups to work through these guidelines.  I've heard that CPS may not even allow rentals in their schools for the rest of the year.  Privately run pools are probably going to be a little quicker to reopen.  Even when we do get the green light to get back into a facility there will still be a limit of ten people at a time so practice times will be significantly different.

I know everyone is looking for a date on when we are going to be back in the water or even a guess on when that might be.  As soon as we know we will pass that on and once we are able to get a reopen date we will start working on scheduling. If facilities allow and coaches and families are interested we will definitely look at practicing in August.

Thank everyone for their continued patience and support.  Please get out and enjoy the weekend.

Go Wolfpack

Coach Dave