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Board member roles and descriptions

 As we wrap up this swim season and look towards the upcoming swim season a New Board will be elected at the June 10th meeting.  We are inviting interested members to review the Board Member Roles and Descriptions document and submit their name. To ensure knowledge and capacity of the New Board some current Board Members have submitted their name too. On June 10th each candidate will share the experience and knowledge they bring to SRAYS to ensure a successful Swim Club for our swimming community. For positions with more than one candidate a vote will be used to determine the successful candidate.

For those members interested in volunteering and unable to commit to a Board Member role there is the possibility of short-term committees being formed throughout the swim season to take on special tasks as directed by the Board.  

The first meeting of the New Board will be held immediately following the election of Directors on June 10th.

For those interested, please email Tammy at with your name and the role by midnight June 9th.

Tammy Berry



Just a reminder our AGM will be held Monday, June 8 at 7:30 pm and the Google Meet Link will be emailed out 15 minutes before the start of the AGM.