GCSTO's Northland Swim Club Location Practice & Facility Guidelines

GCSTO Northland Swim Club Guidelines &

COVID Guidelines

PARENTS – It is essential that you sit with your athlete(s) and go through these procedures very, very carefully.

Note: These are subject to change in terms of amendments, additions and deletions based on conditions as we adapt to the concerns of these new times. By registering for this program all participants and their parents/guardians/attendees agree to abide by these guidelines.

COVID SCREENING PROCEDURE: We will ask each athlete the same question each day upon entry (which is suggested by various agencies and governing bodies):

1.    Are you, or is anyone in your household have any COVID signs such as a temperature coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath or been tested positive for COVID?

 A “YES” answer to this will require us to turn the athlete away from practice. We will notify you in such cases.

Regardless of anyone’s answer to these questions (as we reserve the right to ask these of spectators as well), ANYONE showing signs of any sickness whatsoever will be turned away from entering the facility/facility grounds. Participants are to have their temperatures checked daily at home before coming to practice by their parent/guardian without exception prior to coming to the pool. The team is purchasing no-touch thermometers and reserves the rights to take the temperature of each and every participant within our programming as they enter the pool. No temperatures will be recorded but any athlete demonstrating a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be allowed to practice that day. The family will be notified in such cases by a staff member. These procedures will be held true for staff members, as well. Additionally, any athlete or staff member experiencing any symptoms of fever (as noted), recent cough, unusual fatigue, headache or has had any exposure to someone who has any symptoms, (which includes family and friends) should remain at home and seek medical treatment. If any athlete or staff does have a fever or symptoms of illnesses, they may not attend a practice until 14 days after the fever or symptoms has ceased. Athletes and staff must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19. Athletes and families who travel by air, or to an area deemed high risk by the staff, will need to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to practice.

COVID POSITIVE TEST PROCEDURE : Should someone test positive in our membership the following measures will take place:

1. The individual’s family should let the Steve know immediately and should no longer come to any practices until such time as they test negative for the COVID virus.

2. The individual or individuals swimming on either side of that athlete will be expected to self-quarantine for 14 day and/or receive a negative COVID-19 Test (we will be assigning lanes for all practices so we are clear what athletes may be impacted by this).

3. The facility will be notified so that they can then do a proper deep cleaning.


LOCATION: Northland Swim Club located at 5006 Almont Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43229


POLICY ENFORCEMENT: This will be strict so that we do not allow a few individual instances jeopardize the entire team’s status at the facility nor jeopardize the facilities operational status (whether they can remain open or not to other teams or to the public). We cannot have either circumstance so policies will be enforced. Those not adhering will be required to leave facility grounds. Additional infractions will potentially lead to the individual not being able to come back at all or to the athlete’s complete removal from the program.

Already the issues of parents/spectators being in athlete staging areas, not wearing masks inside the pool and not maintaining the 5yd social distancing rule have all been raised. We understand that everyone has personal preferences and opinions in relation to matters related to sickness, COVID included, but we are bound by CDC, ODH, FCPH, USAS and facility guidelines and all must obey these in order to insure we can continue to operate during these times. 


ENTRANCE/EXIT/DRIVING SPEED: Getting into the streets that lead towards the pool are all quiet residential and have a lot of foot traffic so drive slow coming to and leaving the facility.



There is ample parking in the pool parking lot. It is gravel and there is a specific entrance and exit so please make sure to note that. Leave a parking space between you and the next car in the lot. Athletes should walk through the gate entrance to the pool building, maintaining our 5yd social distancing and then wait there until the coaches check them in. Athletes will move on to the staging area once inside the pool. We will let them know the first day where we have decided to do that since there will be a team in the water before us and our location depends on where their location is so that we don't have overlap.


SPECTATORS:   One spectator/guardian per participant will be allowed on grounds for now if, and only if, all guidelines are adhered to… you must be properly masked at all times on facility grounds without exception, you adhere to our 5yd (15ft) social distancing policy at all times, you do not to touch anything (inclusive of sitting on benches and such), you do not use the locker rooms and you do not use rest rooms. Athletes will immediately report to the athlete staging area once inside and no one but athletes and coaches are to be in the staging area at any point in time.

To insure control, spectators must enter the facility or facility grounds at the same time as and with their athlete. Once we are done with our COVID screenings no one else may enter the pool area.


PROTECTIVE MASKS: Please wear these to and from your vehicle... no exceptions. Parents, athletes and coaches are required to follow this policy. The one allowable parent/guardian must be masked at all times while within the facility or on facility grounds. Athletes are to remain masked while waiting on practice to begin. Masks will be worn to the side of the pool and may then be taken off and placed on their water bottle or equipment bag (once they can bring that equipment bag in). They are to be put back on once the athlete gets out of the water. They should have a plastic baggie to put that mask into to protect it poolside just FYI.


PROTECTIVE SOCIAL DISTANCES: We require that all athletes at all times (meaning to and from vehicles as well as while inside the pool area and on deck or in any grassy area) maintain our 5yd (15ft) SD requirement while on dryland. Athletes will be stationed at least 8yds apart in relation to other swimmers in their lane. They will, however, of course be in lanes next to other athletes. We will require that they keep the greatest distance possible between those to the lanes besides when stationary in the pool.     


NO TOUCH POLICY: Athletes should not be touching anything in the pool grounds when on land. The exception will be lane ropes & the lane rope reel as we need to put in and take out lanes ropes here. The staff will direct this process.  


LOCKER ROOM USE: Locker rooms will not be available. Athletes must arrive to practice with their swimming suits on and must leave the same way. No deck changing (getting into or out of swimming suits in a public area such as on deck, in the grass and such.


RESTROOM USE/BATHROOM EMERGENCY : These will be for sickness emergency, only. Please make sure your athletes use the bathroom before coming to the pool. Thanks.


WATER: No plastic water bottles please. Instead, bring a large (at least ½ to 1 gallon jug) that can be used time and time again. There will probably NOT be a place to refill water besides (potentially) a public drinking fountain. This is why we are requiring participants to bring so much water for themselves as refilling a small water bottle may well not be possible. Too, a larger water container used over and over means less plastic used.


TRASH PICK-UP: Athletes are expected to pick up after themselves (food wrappers and such).


BAD WEATHER: We will email everyone if there is a cancellation due to weather. We also use the REMIND text message system for such times CLICK HERE on how to get registered for those.


PRACTICE PROCEDURES: Level 3 & above swimmers will see up to 6 athletes per lane.



1- Rainy Day Protection: It might be good to have your athletes put a big trash bag into their backpacks so that on days where it looks like rain or is raining they can put their clothes and belongings into that heavy plastic bag.

2 - Equipment Bags: No equipment bags should be brought into the pool until we instruct athletes that they are allowed to do so. You will not need kick boards, paddles, pull buoys and the like so leave those at home.

3 - Families From Other Teams: Please make sure to let coach Nye know that you are from another USA Swimming or Y Swimming program. NOTE: Please note that that anyone joining us now to train from another club will not be allowed to join us in the fall unless their old team simply is no longer operating. The reason for this is simple ethics… we do not want to use this time as a time to recruit away from other teams who are not as fortunate as us in terms of securing pool time this summer. Families participating with us this summer need to be aware of this policy.


If you see something missing here that you feel should be added please contact me (coach Nye). As always... THANK YOU for being a part of our TEAM as we keep the dream alive for our athletes!