Swim Team Update 6/8


Aqua Club Swimmers -


We miss you!


Everyone is ready for things to get back to normal. It’s been a long 3 months in quarantine.


Let me start out by acknowledging the pain and anguish that many of us are feeling during these difficult and challenging times.  This is a moment for families to come together and listen and learn from each other. 


USA Swimming has released the following statement - 

Like you, we are at a loss. We are struggling to understand. We are listening. What we know is we stand firmly against social injustice and condemn racism and discrimination of any kind. We recognize there is much work to be done and we reaffirm our commitment to foster inclusion and to be an ally to those who work toward meaningful change. We will continue to use our platforms to educate and to inform. We commit to being a part of the solution. We are One Team and One Family


Swim Team Update

We still don’t know much about how our summer will work. Things change from week to week, so planning can be frustrating. That being said, we do have contingency plans for a few different scenarios.


At this point the pool isn’t allowed to open until phase 3, which for King County would probably bring us to the very end of June, or early/mid July. That’s my best guess based on what we’ve seen so far. We are hopeful that a “phase 2.5” might happen, which could allow us to get going earlier. Once again, this is only a best guess on my part.


Corey (our new manager) has been working on various opening plans and has put together some safety procedures which the club will use upon eventual reopening. These will of course also apply to our swim team. Our first priority is the safety of our swimmers and families. You can expect things to look a lot different, especially at first. “Bather load”, “pool capacity”, “assigned lanes”, “sanitizing”, and “social distancing” are things everyone will become even more familiar with. Our traditional model of packing 8-12 kids in a lane is not at all on the radar for this summer. Neither is gathering 750 people together for a dual meet on a hot summer night.


The GSSSL is still hoping that we can have some sort of organized season, but we are running out of time to make that happen. There is a possibility of having some “virtual” dual meets, even incorporating some live streaming. The league will have to make the call on this in the next couple of weeks. As far as Prelims and All-Cities go, things aren’t looking positive. King County would have to be at Phase 4 for these types of crowds to gather. A final decision from the league board on this will also coming in the next couple of weeks.


I wish that I had better news, or even some solid decisions about anything. Everything now is just a best guess.


We will open electronic registration soon, and also present some more details on what you’ll be signing up for. Be prepared for some creative  scheduling, some dryland (out of water workouts), and even some Zoom meetings. We’re also open to any suggestions you may have to help make this a meaningful experience for the kids.


Stay Safe!


Coach Matt