LC Update 2020

Hello all,


As many of you have read, swimming facilities licensed by the IDPH are now to be opened for lap swimming, diving, swimming lessons, swim team practices, and therapy pool use.With that said, we have a big announcement that will officially be coming Wednesday, with extended details.


During this time, we have been working diligently to ensure all the boxes are checked for a possible return to in-person dry land and even water workouts. Between the Park Board meeting and some new developments, we will need to cancel the scheduled Zoom meetings originally listed the rest of the month.


As a reminder, you will not be charged for time we have missed this season. There will be refunds/prorating for the time missed in April, May, and parts of June. While we will also be starting dry land this week, you will not be charged, as we anticipate to be doing another form of exercising soon.


If you still need to register, please reach out to Patrick Griffin a


We do finally have some unfortunate news regarding end of season championships meets. We were given official word that Illinois Swimming has cancelled all championship meets for the LC 2020 season. We will do our best to come up with an end of season event to help put a cap on a very odd season.


Lastly, a dry land note from Coach Dustin and the dry land group schedule.

Thank you for completing the dryland google doc and/or communicating times/group requests.  Things came together quite well with two exceptions.  If you are one of the two teammates who are "off to the side", I am working to shift people around and will communicate with you as soon as I have a solution.  Blue and Green group folks, I need your help.


1.  Can any Blue group teammates participate in the earlier dryland time?

2.  Are any Green group eighth graders interested in doing the Senior dryland during one of the earlier timeframes?


Thanks for any flexibility that you can provide, and please keep in mind this dryland schedule is likely to be replaced in the extremely near future.


Dry Land Group Schedule


Live slow, swim fast