WASP Practice Information

Hello WASP Families,

We are finally getting back in the water; to do that we need to make sure all of our swimmers are comfortable and safe at the pool facility. Please read through this entire email as it covers the information we will be reviewing with our swimmers.

  • The locker rooms at EMAC will be closed to the swimmers except for emergency bathroom needs. Swimmers need to come to practice already wearing their swim suit. If a swimmer shows up without their swimsuit on, they will be unable to attend practice that day.

  • After arriving at the pool, swimmers will walk down the concrete walkway and turn into the grass area past the flagpole to locate a cone to stand at. One swimmer to a cone, filling in from cones closest to the hill first.

  • While in the grass area, a pool employee will ask each swimmer COVID-19 related questions. Your swimmer will either need to get their temperature checked at the pool or come knowing their temperature which was taken while at home.

  • Entering the pool will be done through the main pool doors. After swimmers answer the questions, they will proceed through the clubhouse and find the cone in the grass furthest from the pool doors. They will hang their bag on the fence at the cone and then stand at their cone until a coach starts practice.

  • When practice is over, swimmers will collect their bag from the fence and proceed down the side of the pool in a clockwise manner and exit out of the gate entrance and wait for parents to pick them up in the parking lot.

  • Onboard practices to go over this policy will be Wednesday or Friday at 10:30am or 11:30am. To participate in practices beyond these, you need to attend one of these onboardings.

  • Starting on the 15th, practices will be Monday through Friday from 10:30-11:30am or 11:30-12:30pm. We need you to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the start of practice so your swimmer can answer the clearance questions and get into the pool.

10:30 Practice Group (attend the onboarding at this time)

  • Mandy Barnes

  • Robbie Barnes

  • Harper Daly

  • Jillian Fidelman

  • Sarah Lorenzo

  • Griffin Messenlehner

  • Carson Mosel

  • Nate Peters

  • Tryna Price

  • Druthi Reddy

  • Julian Vlaeminck

  • Reese Wunderler

11:30 (attend the onboarding at this time)

  • Connor Burnand

  • Julia Cort

  • Sophia Harmon

  • Ridley Hartman

  • Logan Hartman

  • Caroline Hattala

  • Alexis Hoyer

  • Cami Johnson

  • Veronica Karboski

  • Gloria Klees

  • Natalie Molnar

  • Addi Pappentick

  • Matt Sirignano

We know this is a lot of change for you and for your swimmer. It is also a big change for us, thank you for being patient and understanding as we implement these new policies.


The EMAC Coaching Staff