Practice Guidelines

Guidelines for Practice Upon Reopening June 2020


  1. Park in the north lot. (the one just one the other side of the starting blocks)
  2. Enter through the main door. Please wear masks!
  3. Please be on time!! Use run the risk of not swimming. We will try to get you in, but may not be able to get to you right away.
  4. Get health screening then proceed through the café. Look for a place to wait until a coach lets you on deck.
  5. You will be assigned a lane. 2 per lane. 1 starting on each end. Go straight there, please no gathering. Put belongings behind the lane and get in the water when instructed.
  6. You may bring your own equipment, but we cannot let you use any equipment from the Y.
  7. There will be a coach on both ends to help instruction.
  8. When practice is done, exit through emergency doors next to café. (to the east main parking lot).