Detectective and Private Eyes - Summer Swimming Info!


Attention Detective and Private Eye swimmers - SPY is excited to announce we are beginning to get back into the pool!  As we gear up we are hoping to offer a summer session for detectives and private eyes since the spring session was cancelled and most summer teams have also been cancelled.  SPY will be practicing out of local summer pools, which are still being determined, but will be in Glen Burnie and Arnold.  It is likely groups will be assigned practices at both locations with practices sometime between 8am and 11am.  Exact times will be determined following sign ups.  The schedule will be:
Detectives (1 hour practice - 3 times per week) June 22nd through August 14th 
Private Eyes (1 hour practice - 2 times per week) June 22nd through August 14th 
The estimated fee associated with the summer session is $250 for detectives and $175 for private eyes.  Once sign ups are complete, exact fees will be determined based on the number of swimmers and the associated pool rental fee to provide the lowest possible cost to members.  
Additional information will be sent out this week in regards to practice procedures and waivers to participate.