EMAC Return To Pool and Killer Bee Details

Hello EMAC

As stated in an earlier communication, we will resume in-person practices tomorrow am.  

Some have asked under which PA regulation are we permitted to return to practice.  

HERE is the FAQ from the PA Dept of Health.  We have been told that the highlighted bullet point provides the basis for which to pursue fitness and developmental swimming.  

Killer Bee Rosters and Practice Times

HERE are the Killer Bee rosters and practice times.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach O.  Details for Bees, Wasps, and Triathlon were previously communicated via email from group coaches.


HERE are the EMAC policies that staff, swimmers, and parents must follow.

HERE is the acknolwedgement/waiver form needed from each participant in order to begin. Swimmers will not be allowed into the facility without it. 

Basic Breakdown for Intro Practices

  • Bring Mask.  It should be worn into facility, while moving from locations within the venue, and while exiting the venue. 
  • Coaches will meet you in the grass near drop-off, unless otherwise stated in your group communications.  We will perform our COVID-19 admission process, and the swimmers will report their temperature to the coaching staff.  If they have not taken their temperature prior to coming, we will take their temperature using an infrared device prior to admission into the facility.
  • It is the shared responsibility of EMAC Staff, swimmers, and parents to maintain social distancing throughout the process.
  • We will only swim if everyone is cooperating and demonstrating proper vigilance.
  • We fully intend to learn a lot through our intro practices and are ready to make necessary adjustments to our protocols and policies.  The advice we’ve receive from professionals at LVHN is to have a plan and plan to adjust. 

More Important Info

  • We realize this is short notice.  Swimmers need to attend at least one, but are not required to attend both Wednesday and Friday.  We sense the desire to get back in the water, and we’d rather not wait another week. 
  • We will not be “upcharging” the June fees that you have already paid for our @Home programming.  We value your support, and we are happy to reward it.
  • We will be changing the group name within our registration platform from @Home to Killer Bees.  If you are not listed on the roster and think you should be, please contact us ASAP. 
  • In both July and August we will be charging $175 for the Killer Bee Group.  We will communicate other rates to other groups shortly.  Remember, though, this can change.  If we are permitted to loosen standards, allowing us to offer more, we may consider moving our fees back in the direction of our $184/month.
  • We will be charging a one-time $30 fee.  This fee covers several things.  1 – we are purchasing each swimmer a carabiner to be kept on their bag so that they can hang their bag on the fence.  This is likely to be part of Coach O’s plan for compliance once back in the HS as well.  2 – we are staffing our practice with an additional lifeguard and/or manager that will help us with our protocols and attend properly to any first aid needs.  This will enable our coaches to avoid distraction, keeping their focus on the swimmers and our protocol.   3 – we are purchasing each swimmer a gaiter (picture is attached) for each swimmer.  Once they arrive, they will be welcome to substitute the mask for this item. 
  • Coach Doug is our COVID-19 Point-Of-Contact.  Please contact him at if you have any questions or concerns regarding our policies and/or procedures. 

Facility Flow/Parking

  • Please click HERE to see an overview of entering, exiting, and using our parking lot. 

Intro Week Killer Bees Practice Schedule

Wednesday and Friday

Following Weeks Killer Bees Practice Schedule


In the coming weeks, we intend to add practice time.  With the swimmers being out of the water so long and our limitations, we feel like starting slowly and building purposefully is the safest, best way to get started.  

Here is the mantra that you will hear from our coaching staff:

We are excited to get started on what will be the earliest head-start we've ever had on a short-course season.  If you take that perspective instead of being bitter about what we've missed, you are likely to see remarkable progress..  With that HUGE head-start on our short-course season, we feel less pressure to care about performance in the short-term.  This is a huge opportunity to take our time, learn new skills, and slowly build our fitness and abilities to higher levels than previously attained.  

I can't wait to see all the swimmers and parents at the pool.