Summer Swim - COME BACK PLAN!


We got a bit of good news that we're hoping is a step in the right direction!  Grafton High School has commited to opening their doors to us as of NOW Wednesday, July 15th.  (Not July 6th as originally planned-Ok so that's a little bad news too!)

We still have to wait to see if a few things can happen before we know 100% we can run this summer program.

#1  Group size 50+.  We simply can not run our program if our large group size is limited 50 or less on deck.

#2  6 Feet apart amoung participants - this would be called private lessons only.  Another deal breaker!

#3  GHS actually opens on July 15th

I wanted to give you the inside scoop - no promises - but we're hopefull that we'll be back in mid July!  We are hopeful as we see Ozaukee Aquatics, our sister competitive program, navigating these Covid waters ahead of us!  They have been in for several weeks now at private facilitites.  The obstacle we have with our program is we are out of High School Pools.  STAY TUNED!  STAY HOPEFUL!  KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!!

We are working hard at creating plans to meet USA Swimming guidelines as well as monitor best practices from around the state that ARE WORKING for swim lessons programs during this time.  We won't be back "like normal" anytime soon, but we will come back safely just as soon as we can!