Return to Swim LA County Campaign

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Greetings, Club Families!

Good news! As you may have heard, last Friday Governor Newsom approved the reopening of fitness facilities including swimming pools as early as June 12, 2020. Each county, however, must still approve the reopening of swimming pools before clubs in that county can return to the water. 

To encourage county boards of supervisors and departments of public health to allow swim facilities to open on or shortly after June 12, Southern California Swimming has developed a proactive outreach campaign to help educate decisionmakers about reopening plans created by other counties and USA Swimming to reduce the risk posed by COVID-19. 

Please join the outreach campaign!

  1. Copy and paste the attached “Parent Letter” into the body of an email. Feel free to customize the letter. The goal is to make our voices heard by having members from over 160 SoCal Swimming clubs contact their local decisionmakers. 
  2. Address the email to the contacts listed in the Parent Letter.
  3. Send! Please send your emails ASAP to get our pools open ASAP and follow up with phone calls. We have provided contact information for each recipient below.

If you know other potential influencers in your community (members of the city council, mayors, other elected officials or influential residents), please reach out to them as well. We need all hands on deck to reopen our pools and get your swimmers back in the water! 

In the meantime, we are working on specific reopening plans and will let you know more very soon!


Sup. Hilda Solis


Sup. Mark Ridley-Thomas


Sup. Sheila Kuehl


Sup. Janice Hahn


Sup. Kathryn Barger


Dr. Barbara Ferrer


Dr. Christina Ghaly (Dr. Ghaly’s assistant)


If you live in Long Beach:

Kelly Colopy, Public Health Director


If you live in Pasadena:

Ying-Ying Goh, Public Health Director



LAC Parent Letter