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Welcome Back to MAC


Mission Viejo Nadadores
Welcome Back to MAC


Welcome Back,   Nadadores  !   


The entirety of the staff would like to thank you for your support through this unprecedented time and we’ve come through it in   Nadadore    style  ! We  ’ve   underst  oo  d the   personal  sacrifice   many of you had to make, in order to keep going with us during shutdown, and for those sacrifices . . . we s  o deeply appreciate  you. Our staff has been absolutely amazing in keeping our athletes engaged and prepping for our eventual comeback to the home pool  .  Which is this . . . weekend!!   


You will be receiving shortly (if you haven’t already had one) an email from your coaching staff about your athlete’s individual group’s return to the Marguerite Aquatics Center.   The coaches will be giving your group’s assigned workout times and potential lane assignments for your athlete.    


Protocol at the MAC is different. From when we left MAC   in March,   we require again, your continued collaboration AND cooperation to ensure the safety and ease of our return.   Its a delicate balance and is requiring   ALL of   our astute adherence to the rules:   

  • Please have your swimmer wash their hands prior to practice 
  • All swimmers will be dropped off in the parking lot. Please DO NOT walk them into the facility. Due to social distancing requirements, we need to ensure that our athletes have the right of way to get them into/out of the pool safely for themselves and their teammates with required distance of 10 ft. 
  • DO NOT LOITER in the parking lot. If you're staying, please find a parking spot to park in. DO NOT STOP IN THE RED IN THE ROUNDABOUT unless your child is physically getting in or out of your car. You will be asked to move. With the athletes being picked up and dropped off between SWIM/DIVE/TENNIS, we cannot afford to have a bottleneck situation . . . if your athlete is not there, please circle around and come back into the line. We really need your cooperation in this matter and can't have your coaches out there policing the parking lot.
  • There will be directional signs and your child's coach directing them into the facility between practices. Please work with your child to know the distancing guidelines for entering/exiting of the pool. 
  • Restrooms are to be used in an emergency need situation. Please have your athletes use the restroom at home prior to practice. The restroom will be sanitized immediately following use. We will have marked stalls for use in the main facility for emergency use ONLY. 
  • All athletes must arrive in their swimsuits. No showers or changing in the locker rooms/bathroom stalls are allowed. 
  • Please have your athletes capped and ready to go! Coaches will be unable to cap your child due to distancing rules. 
  • Make sure your athlete has their OWN water bottle. All water fountains are not in use. 
  • Other guidelines will be disussed with your respective coaches. 

We welcome you back to MAC. 


Coach Mark Schubert 

Head Coach- Mission Viejo Nadadores