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2020 Team Ordering

List-Prices-Details Below

  • Silicone Caps (blue) $6
  • Latex Caps (Barracuda logo - blue) $3
  • Goggle Bungee Straps (colors vary) $5
  • Vintage T shirts Adult $5 / kids $2
  • Vintage Sweatshirts Kids $4
  • Goggle Glidz $1/per 
  • Barracuda Towels $30
  • Barracuda Sunglasses $2


  • Silicone Caps (blue) $6
    • Sporti brand Silicone Swim Cap Royal Blue
  • Latex Caps (Barracuda logo - blue) $3
    • Latex blue swim cap printed with Barracuda Logo
  • Goggle Bungee Straps (colors vary) $5
    • Goggle strap broken? These awesome Bungee Strap elastic cords will give your goggles extra life. They are very easy to install. Various colors available
  • Vintage T shirts Adult $5 / kids $2 - Handcrafted tie dye t-shirts available.
    • Most of the collection are new tie dye t-shirts. I do have a few plain t-shirts and some gently used t-shirts that have been donated back to the team. Ask me about what I have in your size!
  • Vintage Sweatshirts Kids $4
    • I have a few gently used sweatshirts that have been donated back to the team to sell for fundraising. The sweatshirts are royal blue with the Barracuda Logo. Ask me about available sizes!
  • Goggle Glidz $1/per - These multi-color glidz go on the straps of your goggles.
    • Use your name, initials or symbol to quickly identify your goggles. We have all letters of the alphabet & symbols (flower, heart, pirate, anchor, etc colors vary)
  • Barracuda Towels $30 - Super soft terry towels with Barracuda Logo.
    • These towels are big and warm to keep your swimmer warm after swimming. Option to get your towel embroidered with swimmers name - ask me for embroidery recommendations! I personally have 3 towels going on the 3rd year. They have held up well in the wash.
  • Barracuda Sunglasses $2 –
    • Get them while they last! These are super cool color changing sunglasses printed with the Barracuda logo.

Questions & Ordering:

 Please contact Kat Stark katstark@gmail.com / 773-551-1529 for ordering & questions