2020 Registration Information

Dolphin Families -

Thank you for your patience as we put together details for our Practice-Only Season. It is a fluid situation and we will work to make improvements and changes as the summer goes, so please be patient with us. 

This email has a lot of information, please read the entire email before you register to join us. We also ask that you commit to monitoring your email DAILY throughout the season. Please reach out to if you have questions.

Season Goals

We hope to provide our swimmers with an opportunity to improve their swimming skills, socialize, and exercise in a safe environment. Although CSL has canceled the 2020 season, we intend to host practice and safe social events to foster a sense of community and team spirit.


Coach Tracy Endo will return as Head Coach

Coach Chelsea Rowell will return as Assistant Head Coach.

Action Required: Applications for Junior Coaches (rising 10th graders) and Coaches in Training (rising 9th graders) are due SATURDAY, June 13.  

Please email  and include, name, age, cell phone number, and known vacation plans). 

Junior Coaches are paid positions. Coaches in Training are volunteer roles.


We are operating under Phase II of the Virginia Governor’s Re-Opening plan so the pool will be open for lap swim. Under the Phase II guidelines, we can have up to 50 people on the pool deck and 3 per lane. 

We will begin practice on Wednesday, June 17. Practice will occur daily, Monday through Friday until July 31st. We will not have practice on Friday, July 3rd.

Based on the survey results we have divided practice as follows:

  • 7:00AM - 8:15AM ------ 13-14 & 15-18

  • 8:15AM - 9:30AM ------ 11-12

  • 9:30AM - 10:30AM ----- 9-10

  • 10:30AM - 11:15AM ---- 8 and under


  • There is no Camp Practice at this time due to group size limitations.

  • Swimmers will enter and exit via different gates. (Read Season Guidelines below.)

  • Practice times include time for swimmers to enter and exit safely. Practice will end 5-10 minutes before the next group. Swimmers will gather their belongings and be dismissed completely before allowing the next group to enter. 

  • One Committee volunteer will serve as a deck marshall to help the groups move safely around the pool deck for the first two weeks.

  • Due to ongoing restrictions for physical contact and group size, we will only accept swimmers who are able to willingly leave parents and can swim unassisted.

  • Swimmers who cannot meet required swim minimums may be removed from practice until they are able to independently swim per the government guidelines on social distancing.

  • The practice schedule is tentative pending final registration numbers. 

  • As we move into Phase III, we will revisit the practice schedule to best serve the safety of the swimmers.


Season Guidelines - All guidelines must be followed. Swimmers who cannot do so will be removed from practice.

Please understand that for the safety of our swimmers, and to follow Virginia’s Re-Opening guidelines for Phase II, swimmers and parents must follow these rules:

  • Please arrive on time for practice. 

  • Entering Practice - We will line children up on the sidewalk at the gate near the dumpster. This gate is rarely open so you may not recognize it. A coach will be there to greet them and start the line. Please remind your swimmers to social distance.

  • Exiting Practice - Swimmers will exit the pool via the gate near the vending machines. 

  • Swimmers must wear a mask going in and out of the pool and when using the restroom.  The bathrooms will be available for emergencies only with social distancing.

  • A daily health check will be required per Virginia guidelines. We are still working through the details of this but it will likely be an online form that parents MUST fill out every day before practice.

    • If your child has a temperature over 100.4 degrees, they may not attend practice.

    • If your swimmer does not feel well, do not send them to practice.

  • Coaches will check-in swimmers at the gate. Swimmers will be directed to place their belongings in designated spaces on deck or in the grass, socially distanced at least 6-feet apart.

  • Swimmers must be dressed in their bathing suit. (Sunscreen applied at home if required.) They also need to carry the following:

    • Fins

    • Goggles

    • Swim Cap

    • Towel

    • Water Bottle

  • A team suit is not required, but competition-style suits are recommended.

  • Given the COVID restrictions, the team is unable to provide any equipment. Swimmers may not share equipment on deck. Swimmer’s equipment should be labeled. Equipment left on deck will be thrown away. 

  • Coach Tracy may recommend additional equipment (ie; Kickboard) for some swimmers. She will contact parents as needed. There is no requirement to purchase a kickboard at this time.

  • All swimmers and coaches will maintain social distancing at all times. We will remove swimmers from practice who cannot follow these guidelines.

  • At the end of practice, swimmers will need to leave the deck quickly (with all their gear). Swimmers will exit near the vending machines. (Note: Entering and exiting will not go through the bathrooms.)

  • Please remember, bathrooms will be for emergencies only.

  • Parents will not be allowed on the deck during practice, given the restrictions on the number of people allowed in the pool area. 


Other Events

We’re trying. All of this is TBD and not guaranteed. All events will be optional. Grace and understanding are appreciated. They will be done in accordance with Virginia’s regulations on social distancing and are subject to change.

  • Donut Mondays - Free Donuts will be handed out at the end of practice by a parent volunteer wearing a mask and gloves.

  • Mini-Meets by age-group - as well as in-practice ways to motivate swimmers and set goals.

  • Minis and Juniors - We will re-evaluate after 1-2 weeks of practice. It would be a limited practice and require one parent in the water with the swimmers.



Registration will open Saturday, June 13, and will close Friday, June 19. Swimmers must be registered in order to attend practice so that we can accurately track attendance.

The swim team has a number of fixed costs (Coaches salaries, insurance, etc.)  in order to run safe practices as well as the added complication of COVID-19 restrictions. Additionally, there are no fundraising opportunities to help offset our costs. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun season for our swimmers. The registration fee for this year is $175.

We recognize that these rules may seem stringent, but they are necessary in order for us to conduct a safe season and follow Virginia’s government guidelines.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks so much!
Dolphins' Swim Committee