Return procedure and lane assignments for week 1

Lane Assignments for Week 1:  

(If I have missed someone by accident, please reach out and let me know. If your child is out of town for the week, I have not included them on this week's schedule.)

Return policies and procedures:

Please take a moment to review the following procedures as well as the YMCA return procedures with your swimmer.

*Reminder swimmers need waivers to return to swimming. If you are having trouble with the waiver, please let me know and I will forward your message to Dawn so she can help you. I have not received the aquatics waiver yet, but will send it out as soon as I do.

* Parents will drop swimmers off at the main entry.

* Swimmers will come with swimsuit on, with a towel and slip on shoes. Swimmers may bring a bag with caps, goggles, labeled water bottle, which will be left on the pool deck. 

* Swimmers may not share any equipment, caps, goggles, water bottles, etc. Please come prepared.

*DO NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 10 minutes before your child's time slot. Coaches will be escoring the previous group out of the building prior to that. 

*Upon entering the main entry, swimmers will be asked a series of questions, have their temperature taken, and be asked to wash their hands. They will then proceed straight to the showers to rinse off, and then wait on an X in the back hallway until their swim time begins. Swimmers will not be allowed into the pool area before their designated start time. 

*Swimmers must wear masks or a bandana over their mouth and nose except when they are on the pool deck. 

*Coaches will not wear masks on deck, but will remain socially distant at all times. 

*Swimmers will not touch one another or each other's belongings. Swimmers will not hang on lane lines. Swimmers will remain to the right side of their lane at all times. 

*There will be a zero tolerance policy for breaking rules. We understand that there is a learning curve for swimmers, and we will willingly remind swimmers of the rules. However, if a swimmer continues to break rules after being reminded once, we will ask you to pick up your swimmer. This is for the safety of everyone.

*Locker rooms will only be used for showering and bathroom emergencies. 


*Parents will pick up their swimmer at the bottom handicap door. 

*Pick up will be similar to school pick up. Please line up and remin in your car.

*Pick up will be within 5 minutes of your swimmer's end time (Example: If your swimmer's practice ends at 10:45, please arrive between 10:45-10:50. 

*Please do not line up early for pick up, as we do not wish to block the lower parking lot.

*Swimmers driving themselves are still asked to exit through the handicap door.

*If your child is going home with someone other than a parent or guardian we are familiar with, please notify us.


If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Looking forward to seeings everyone on Monday! 

Coach Stephanie