LC Update 2020 - Phase 3 Swimming

Hello all,


As we begin to reintroduce the team back to water workouts, we have listed some overall goals we will achieve as we re-open and would like for each member of the team to keep in mind.


-Observe distancing rules (reduce sizes of training groups/minimizing risks in all areas)

-Reduce body contact to the minimum

-Adhere to hygiene rules

-Limit locker room/bath room use


Once Birchwood has been fully prepared for programming, we will begin swimming. In accordance with current state/local requirements, USA Swimming guidelines, and with the guidance of the Palatine Park District, our staff has established an initial schedule and safety expectations for our return to the pool. Similar to our dry land information, our goal is to take a conservative approach to resuming swimming activities and have safety remain the top priority.


We will be offering three Zoom parent meetings scheduled for Tuesday, June 16th. These meetings will be covering the same information provided in this email, but it will offer an opportunity to ask any questions. The dates and groupings for the meetings are listed below.


5-5:30pm (Novice-White)

5:45-6:15pm (Blue-Green)

6:30-7pm (Senior)

*Zoom information will be available under the “LC 2020” tab on the home page listed under “Zoom Meetings” on Monday, June 15th. 


The plan we are sharing today will begin with Phase 3 of the state reentry procedures. Once Phase 4 has been activated, we will proceed to Phase 4, with an updated schedule and safety guidelines.


Phase 3 of our reentry plan will include the use of Birchwood pool. We are currently set up to use 6 lanes of short course yards, 4 lanes of “short-short” course yards (20 yards), a separate area of 10 lanes of “short-short” course yards, and the diving well. Groups have been split into sub groups of no more than 10 swimmers and will be strictly enforced to ensure each swimmer is 6 feet apart and there is no overlapping. Being an outdoor facility, this allows for an ideal environment.


Our plan to reintroduce athletes to the water depends on everyone’s (athletes, parents, and staff) cooperation and adherence to safety protocols. We expect everyone in the PPD Tiger Sharks program to practice social distancing both at and away from the pool. By doing this, it shows you respect your teammates, their families, and PPD staff. Should we feel anyone is consistently not adhering to social distancing guidelines, they or their family’s participation in swim team activities may be suspended. Our staff also reserves the right to discontinue practices at any time should they feel safety expectations are not being met.


We understand that while we intend to begin face to face programming, not all families currently feel comfortable returning to swim practice. While your participation is welcome, we understand and support any decisions to postpone your return to the water. Each family should do what they feel in their best interest.


Please see below for our practice schedule, Phase 3 sub groupings, and the safety precautions we will be taking.  The practice schedule can also be viewed under the “Practice Calendars” tab and the Phase 3 sub groupings can be found under your respective “Group Page” tab on the website.  We look forward to working with swimmers in a smaller group environment (1-2 coaches per 7-10 swimmers)!


Practice Schedule


Phase 3 sub groupings


*If you would like to request a change to your Phase 3 groupings, please contact Coach Dustin at ddt1326@yahoo.comby Monday, June 15th at midnight.





• Please note, these expectations are for Phase 3. We will update the new guidelines for Phase 4.

• When parking at Birchwood, try to leave a minimum of one space between each other.

• Athletes will only be permitted to enter the building 10 minutes before their scheduled practice. If they arrive early, they must wait in their car until the appropriate time to enter the building.

• Athletes must leave Birchwood immediately at the completion of any practice.

• Parents/spectators will not be allowed in the building or on deck at any time and are expected to practice social distancing when waiting for their swimmer. We understand this may bring Safe Sport concerns. With Birchwood being completely open and our fence being transparent, we feel these practices are open and observable to meet Safe Sport standards. We will re-evaluate our procedures when the indoor pools are introduced.

• When arriving to the pool deck, please use the front entrance. When departing from practice, please use the gate near the score-board end of the pool.

• Although locker rooms and bathrooms will be open for limited use, we encourage athletes to arrive and depart in their suits.

• There will be a grid area for athletes to leave their personal belongings to ensure social distancing on the deck. Once athletes arrive on deck, they will go immediately to their grid spot and await instructions from their coach.

• Athletes should bring their own water bottles (already filled). Use of the water fountains at the facility will also be limited.

• Swimmers need to purchase kickboards if they do not have 1.  Link to Junior.  Link to Regular.

• Anyone entering inside of the Birchwood facility must wear PPE masks

• Athletes will swim with a maximum of two (2) athletes per lane, starting from opposite ends of the pool.

• Any athlete or staff experiencing any symptoms of a fever (100.4°F or higher), recent cough, unusual fatigue, headache or has had any exposure to someone who has any symptoms, (which includes family and friends) should remain at home and seek medical treatment. If any athlete or staff does have a fever or symptoms of illnesses, they may not attend a practice until 14 days after the fever or symptoms has ceased. Athletes and staff must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COIVD-19.

• For everyone to stay healthy and be able to keep swimming, we ask our athletes to please practice responsible social distancing when they are away from the pool as well.

• PPD staff will be disinfecting the bathrooms and locker rooms throughout the day and we will provide disinfecting wipes inside the restrooms as well.

• If there is lightning forecasted for the area, please stay, as we won’t be able to shelter in the building.


The Palatine Park District has also created a message, which can be viewed on the right side of the homepage under “Phase 3 Programming.” Please take a look and have the two forms below understood and completed before your first practice. If you already submitted your form for dry land, you do not need do this again.


PPD Sign In/Out Waiver Letter


PPD New Participation Waiver




Live slow, swim fast