Swimming in College

There is a website called LookForIt ( designed specifically to assist high school swimmers with their college analysis and selection process.

Thousands of high school swimmers are using LookForIt, and college coaches also have access to LookForIt for recruiting purposes.

LookForIt compares a swimmer’s best times against the top times of virtually all of the Division I, II, III, NAIA and NJCAA colleges in the US with a swim team. One of the most powerful features is a color coded dashboard that reports each college where the athlete might be the #1 (blue), #2 (red), #3 (silver), or close to the #3 swimmer (yellow) in an event at a college based on the comparison of the athlete’s swim times to each specific college’s times.  We have links into the academic and swim websites of each college; detailed analysis of the cost, demographics and academics of each college; graphs of your swim time improvement including comparison with age group and college time standards; and many other features.

Swimmers can learn more and register for  free  by clicking on “I’m an Athlete”  at .