Hi Stingray families!

We have some good news to share with regards to jumping into the pool this summer! The TFS board, the City of Fernandina Beach and the Rec Center have all agreed to a plan that will get us swimming in just a couple of weeks. 

With the announcement that the River City Swim League was canceling this season due to large delays and some teams’ pools not being open yet, we decided to move forward with a Summer Clinic. 

The Summer Clinic will mirror our Winter Clinic in that we will not have any meets, there will be two practice days a week for each age group, and we will focus on form and conditioning. This will be a six week clinic beginning June 22 thru July 31. And the fee is $60 per swimmer. 

Due to the social distancing guidelines that we will be following, we will have a limited number of spots for swimmers. Each age group will be capped at 18. Registration will open on June 15 for all returning swimmers from the 2019 season. We caution anyone who wants their swimmer to participate to not wait.

We are abiding by the USA Swimming Guidelines for Facility Re-Openings as the guiding principles for operating during this time. Things to know before returning to the pool:

  • You’ve been missed!
  • Please wash your hands or use sanitizer before going to the pool
  • Maintain proper social distance, at least six feet, when on the pool deck or in the pool
  • Do not make physical contact with anyone, such as shaking hands or giving high fives
  • Remember the rules for sneezing or coughing, try to do so in your upper sleeve/arm area or use a tissue if possible
  • Avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces at the pool, such as the gate, benches, fences, etc.
  • No sharing towels, food, or drinks
  • Bring your own water bottle to practices
  • Wear your suit to and from practice - the locker rooms will be closed
    • The locker rooms at the rec center will be closed and unavailable for use during practice. This means no changing or showering before or after practice. Please take this into consideration when preparing for swim practice.
    • The bathrooms in the front breezeway are open - please limit use.
  • Parents are not allowed to linger on the pool deck or in the breezeway, you are welcome to stay in your car in the parking lot if you do not wish to leave practice.
  • The pool equipment will be sanitized between practices and all surfaces will be cleaned by coaches at the end of every evening.
  • Swimmers will not be permitted on the pool deck if they or anyone with whom they reside:
    • Are exhibiting any symptoms of the coronavirus: mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough and difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC. 
    • Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days. 
    • Are a vulnerable individual - a vulnerable individual is a person with underlying conditions or considered to be at a higher risk demographic as outlined by jurisdictional, state, or federal guidelines. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or contact Ashley Flick, our board secretary, as she will be the liaison for the team with regards to our COVID policy and any updates.

To Register for Summer Clinic:  

To start the process you must be logged out.  From the  TFS home page (logged out) click on the "start registration" link on the right side of the page (the link should be right under the sign in link - again, do NOT sign in, yet).  Click the start registration link - then click "Continue" and follow instructions from there.  Our online registration process collects the swimmers’ full legal names as well as their parents’ or guardians’ names; a home address and telephone number, cell phone number, email address and emergency and medical information.  In addition, you will electronically "sign" the required waivers and acknowledgments required by the team and the League.

We do not share this information with anyone beyond the information that the League requires us to submit to register all of our swimmers with the League each season.

As part of the registration process, you will need to pay your registration fees ONLINE or by  check or cash at the Swim Team Office during practice hours.

This system also allows us to send out email and text messages for important announcements or to deliver account statements to our families. Because the information you enter when setting up your family’s account updates all the critical processes for us, it is important that you fill out the online forms as accurately and completely as possible.

For more information, please email us at