Return to Pools Protocols

As we return to pools, we will need to make sure that we are following the protocol that our facilities have asked us to follow.  The following need to be fully read and understood in order to satisfy our rental agreements.  We will have a very low tolerance for not following these guidelines.  Coaches have been educated and are aware of the protocols in place.

1.  Lakeville Facilities Return to Use

2.   Storm expectations for return to pools

3.  USA swimming guidelines (Informational)

4.  Pool positioning for 4 swimmers per lane 6 Lane positioning for 24 swimmers.  For the 8 lane pools we will have groupings of 3 per lane and 4 per lane.  In these situations, use the above graph and continue the pattern on for two more lanes.  If the group is 24 swimmers use only the first three positions.

5.   USA Swimming Insurance Update.  The USA swimming has the same coverage as other injuries and illnesses.  There is a one million per incident max and a ten million max cap for the club.  

6.  MN Stay Safe Plan