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Masters Weekly News June 17, 2020

Masters Weekly Announcements
Wednesday, June 17, 2020  


1.  Message from Coach Mark
2.  Masters Workout Schedule and Reservation Procedures       
3.  Facility and Practice Reminders
4.  Alumni Network
5.  Quote of the Day



Message from Coach Mark


Success for Life

WORK – In the quest in life’s endeavors work is essential. Give yourself, 100%, to whatever you are attempting.

DISCIPLINE – We must discipline ourselves to avoid the mistakes that hinder our development.

PRIDE – Once we possess a sense of work and discipline, pride is developed in ourselves and we know we are the best at what we do.

TEAM – Very few things are done individually. The majority of our accomplishments are done as a team. This is certainly true in athletics and it also holds true for the business world, the Church, and other institutions in our society.

SUCCESS – The combination of the above four equate to success. The degree of success we achieve depends on how well we’ve mastered the work, discipline, pride, and team concepts. If the degree of success continues to be small, then one or more of  the four concepts needs to be re-evaluated and improved.

WINNING – Winning in athletics and in life is merely a by-product of this success formula. If you continue to develop these attributes, winning will come to you.   



Masters Workout Reservation Procedures and Schedule  

Workout sign-ups are located on the events section on the Nadadores Age Group Site at:  


1.   Monday-Thursday workouts will be available every Saturday after 7:00pm.

2.   Friday-Sunday workouts will be available every Wednesday after 7:00 pm.


1.     You may select only two workout times during each period.

2.     You may select more workouts later once the daily deadline has passed for members to sign up.

3.     The deadline is the day before at 5:00pm.  For example, I am already signed up for Monday and Tuesday.  If I want to swim on Wednesday I would go check the list for Wednesday on Tuesday after 5:00pm.  If there are open lanes then I can sign up.

4.     If you signed up to swim and cannot attend please remove it ASAP so others may swim.


WORKOUT SCHEDULE (revised 6/16/20)


5:00-5:50 AM (out of the pool- 5:50, clear deck- 5:55) 
12:00 - 12:50 PM (out of the pool-12:50, clear deck-12:55)   
2:00 - 2:50 PM  (out of the pool-2:50, clear deck-2:55) 

5:00-5:50 AM – 50M  (out of the pool- 5:50, clear deck- 5:55)    
4:30 - 5:20 PM – 50M (out of the pool-5:20, clear deck 5:25)   

6:30 - 7:45 AM (out of the pool-7:45, clear deck-7:50)  
11:30-12:45 PM (out of the pool-12:45, clear deck-12:50)


   Facility and Practice Reminders 

1.  Stay home if you feel sick. This includes symptoms like frequent cough, sneezing, fever, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, recent loss of smell or taste.

2.   Athletes to arrive at the pool and leave the pool with face coverings keeping the required distance of 10 ft.

3.  All athletes must arrive in their swimsuits. No showers or changing in the locker rooms/bathroom stalls or deck change are allowed.

4.  Athletes immediately report to their coach for lane assignment and put their belongings at the end of the lane in the buckets or on the bleaches.

5.  Two athletes per lane (opposite sides of the pool). Athletes must stay on their side of the lane.  Avoid being all the wall with another swimmer at the same time.

6.   Depart practice immediately and clear the deck before the next group arrives.  

7.  We would like our beginning, improving and swimmers who need the ladder to be in the first 3-4 lanes closest to the side walls. Faster swimmers in the middle 8 lanes of the pool.

Thank you for your cooperation!



Mission Viejo Nadadores Alumni Network


We are currently working on building an Alumni network. If you are an MVN Alumni, please    Click Here   to fill out a quick survey. In addition, we are asking for YOUR help to make this network grow as big as our team. Please consider forwarding this email to any of your past team mates. Any questions regarding our alumni network can be directed to

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Once a Nadador, Always a Nadador!!



Quote of the Day

“Believe you can, and you can. Belief is one of the most powerful of all problem dissolvers. When you believe that a difficulty can be overcome, you are more than halfway to victory over it already."

 -Norman Vincent Peale


-Coach Mark







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