Swim Assessments - 7/8, New Swimmers/9 Year old Past Mini's

  Dear Parents,

First, we want to thank you again for your patience as we work with our coaches and the Board to develop a modified summer swim team program for this summer. We know that things will look and feel different this year but we are committed to maintaining our swim team community, with safety and fun as our top priorities.  We can not express how excited we are to get “our turtles” back in the water!

In order to ensure that your child is safe while participating at practice this year we have needed to institute new guidelines, for this summer only , for swim team participation.

Who needs to be assessed:

  1. Any 7 or 8 year old swimmer that was on Swim Team or Mini Whompers last year (this includes any 7/8 year old that also swims on a USA swim club)

  2. Any 9 year old that was in the Mini Whomper Program last year   

  3. Any NEW swimmers that are NEW to the Highlands Swim Team this year regardless of age (unless you are 13 and over)

All assessments will take place between 8:30-11:30 on Friday June 19th.  Please use the link provided below to sign your child up to be assessed.  Unfortunately, because of limited pool availability this summer due to COVID-19 we can not offer additional days or times.


In order to be placed on swim team this summer you child must be able to do both of the following:

1.   Swim 50 meters of a legal/traditional freestyle with side breathing, without stopping, pulling on the lane lines, or stopping to rest before completing the second 25 meters.  We do not expect kids to be able to perform a flip turn but they should be able to touch the edge of the pool, take a quick breath, and continue swimming.

2. Swim 25 meters of a legal backstroke without stopping or pulling on the lane lines.

We recognize that these requirements are more strict than they have been in past seasons but the safety of your child and of our coaches has to take precedence. Due to COVID-19 and following the directives of our State, we are not allowed to have coaches in the water this summer assisting swimmers. We need to ensure that everyone is able to complete a full 50 minute practice without outside assistance, keep up with their peers, and not need to get out of the water until practice is over.

When arriving for your child’s scheduled swim assessment please be aware of the following:

  1. Only one parent/guardian will be allowed to attend the swim assessment with their child.  No siblings are allowed to be present unless they are also signed up to be assessed. * Please be aware that parents will most likely not be allowed on deck at all at practices this summer and swimmers will need to enter and exit the pool deck independently to and from the parking lot .*

  2. Please be dressed to enter the water if your child needs outside assistance during their swim assessment.  Coaches are not permitted in the water this summer.

  3. Please have your child arrive dressed in their swimsuit.  Please bring goggles and a swim cap if you have one.  Coaches cannot assist with putting goggles or swim caps on.

  4. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your assessment time. 

  5. There is no access to a bathroom so please plan ahead. 

  6. When entering the building please go up the stairs one family at a time.  Do not start up the stairs until the people ahead of you are at the top landing.

  7. Once passing through the reception area stand on one of the green place markers on the ground.  A coach will meet you there when it is your child’s turn to be assessed.

  8. Keep all belongings with you as you will exit Highlands through a different set of stairs


We realize this a lot of information and a lot of changes from previous summers.  Please know that it is our goal to get as many swimmers into the water as possible.  However, given these extraordinary circumstances, we have to prioritize everyone’s health and safety.

We look forward to seeing you soon and for summer swim to get into full swing!


Cheryl Farley, Meggie Scogna, & Coach Kelly Rose McCullough