Summer Competition Schedule & How You Can Help

Hi All,

Summer Competition Schedule

Well, to say that this has been a busy period of time would be an understatement. I apologize for any missed communications. This has truly been a labor of love.We have been working hard behind the scenes to craft a viable season for our athletes and other swimmers around the country looking for meaning to their summer swim season. The final item to clear was the AAU Junior Olympic Games - Swimming. Now that we have that nailed down, we reverse engineered the rest of the season. Click the link below to see what we now have on tap for the swimmers:

Please keep in mind that this is a moving target. There may be some changes, additions and subtractions along the way. Stay up to date by checking your emails. We will do everything in our power to keep you in the loop as soon as humanly possible.

We are going to offer a variety of meet options this summer. I would like to take a moment and outline each.

Dual/Tri Meets - While virtual meets are fun, swimming at different venues can elevate an event in most swimmers’ minds. I have convinced some area teams to join us for some local dual and tri meets. These meets are head to head competitions between two or three teams. For now, these meets will be for swimmers in AG2 - Sr Nat’l ages eleven (11) and older. Parents will not be on deck so we are keeping the age groups older. This meet format is based on the high school dual meet event order. We added an 11 - 14 age group with shorter events. Think Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity (V). For each event, we will have a JV and a V heat of swimmers. The number of swimmers per heat from each team would depend on the pool size and number of teams. Swimmers will be put into a maximum of two (2) individual events and two (2) relays. Eventually we will score the meets and give out awards. Right now, we are just going to use them (especially the first one) to get the racing rust off, so to speak. To participate, you should declare your intent by 3PM the day PRIOR. This is important as the coaches have to make up a meet lineup prior to the next morning. If you sign up, come. Otherwise we will have to make adjustments on the fly the next day. That would take our focus off the swimmers. For now, we are only charging a $5.00 facility fee to participate in the meet. This is to offset the cost of additional staff to handle entry, social distancing, etc.

10 & Under Wonders - This is designed exclusively for our 10 & Under swimmers in all groups, including Manta Rays and Sharks and our swim lesson participants. These are fun, fast events that take place on a Friday evening. When I was growing up we called these meets, “Friday Night at the Races”. There will be non traditional events, prizes and more.

Virtual Meets - These are meets that are swum against athletes from around the country. At the end of the season, we will rank swimmers in their individual age and gender. We are going to try and hold ours locally with other area clubs, in addition to others virtually to add to the fun. I have worked with partners to create an AAU TIMES database. This means that we will be able to rank swimmers at the end of the season national for Top 25, All American and National Champion awards through the AAU.

All of this took place to ensure that our swimmers had a “why” each day. I am glad that BSAC is leading the way, not just for our swimmers, but for the sport as a whole. None of this can take place without one important element. You.  We will need volunteers to help pull all of this off. Not just on meet days, but during the planning stages as well.

AAU Junior Olympic Games - Swimming, Long Course

I am asking for your help here to make this a roaring success. We are the hosts of the long course version of the JO Games. This will be a large championship meet with swimmers from across the country. Normally teams have months, if not a year to plan for a major meet. We have weeks. We will need committees in place for awards, hospitality, timers, marshalls, runners, etc. to make the event happen as smoothly as possible. 

I will be posting a sign up “event” on our website for volunteerism soon (more than likely tomorrow). The meet will take place Saturday through Monday July 25th - 27th here at BSAC. I am also going to schedule a volunteers’ ZOOM meeting for this upcoming Monday evening at 6:30pm. All interested parties will be sent a link for that meeting. 

I get it. This is a tight window. It is made even tighter by the fact that we do not have long course blocks in place so we have additional concerns outside of personnel. That said, I have faith in the swamily. I know that we are all here for the right reasons and we can not only get this done, we can make this an amazing experience.

We have a lot of interest from teams across the country. Not only are we helping our kids, but we are also helping the local economy. We will be infusing our area with out-of-town families who will stay at hotels, eat at local restaurants and visit local entertainment venues. As a small business owner I understand the value of bringing people into town, infusing cash into the economy and showing off what we have to offer.

Some of you know that I am strategic in my decisions. I try to think a few steps ahead to ensure that BSAC, our swimmers and team’s long term needs are met. When we were faced with this COVID situation, I thought we could use it to help change the course of swimming. Running these virtual events, dual and tri meets and a timed finals championship is not just for this situation. It is also to help us forge a new way forward; one that offers the swimming community fast, fun, affordable and family-friendly competitive options. Your help is needed to help path the way to change the sport for the better. 

Look for more emails and posts soon. Thanks in advance for any help you lend here. I know we can not just survive, but thrive.

Sincerely - Rich