Beyond Swimming Talk & Slides

Thank you to everyone involved in our Zoom meeting on Friday.  We all must make a difference and while it can seem overwhelming when you think about the big picture it can start small and if everyone does something small that adds up.  So have that conversation, change that behavior or educate yourself.  Hopefully this was a good first step.

Thank you again to our moderator, Kitty Hooper as well as Lori Whitt and Cecily Arroyo for working with her on the presentation.  Thank you to our four panelists, Mr. Maldonado, Julian Green, Maya Arroyo and Coach Sam for sharing their experiences.  If you have ideas or just want to talk with me or one of the other coaches please feel free to do so.

Zoom Recording of the talk - click here.  The password is 8d#idf.3 and it starts about the 3:15 mark.

Click here for the slides