Weekly Bulletin #11

Weekly Bulletin #11

Hello GSH swimmers and parents,

We don't have many updates; we are still waiting from the city to open the pools so we can draft a Return to swim plan.

This week we would have been having our Anual Year End Banquet, where we usually get together to close the season and award our swimmers and volunteers for the great effort during the season.

I want to dedicate this bulletin to have a Year-end in writing award and recognition.

Thanks to our coaches and instructors. 

As always, your contribution, passion and commitment make the GSH difference. We can deliver high-quality technical instruction; more important, we can positively influence our athletes to create a disciplined environment where every athlete will have the opportunity to develop at their rhythm. 

  • Coach Sheri. She is the coach with more experience and history with the club; she has been since the foundation of the GSH, responsible for the Silver groups and the Bronze 2.5, she is always caring for every athlete, tries to feedback the parents and athletes every time she can. 
  • Coach Caleb. Started the season, still swimming with excellent results and performance. He wanted to try a different relationship with the swimming environment and started to help us as a junior coach for the Silver group at CardelRec and the Bronze 2.5. He didn't have any problem to bond with the swimmers and start helping them to understand better how to improve the technique by providing a different approach. 
  • Coach Wai-ling. She is also a GSH former swimmer and has been coaching for three years. This season, she was the lead coach of the Bronze 2.0 group doing a great job helping those swimmers to understand better the foundations of the Sport, she also helped the  Silver group at CardelRec and the Bronze 2.5 as one of the junior coaches and did a great team job.
  • Coach Jenna, another former GSH swimmer, helped the Black group swimmers to learn and develop more skills and to push stronger through the workouts.
  • Coach Matt. He is the lead coach of the Gold and Black groups and our club administrator. He did a tremendous job helping the athletes performing and having great results. All of that, through a quality focus on technical skill development, his dedication and care for every athlete make a great mix to promote good friendship bonds and steadfast commitment to hard work.
  • Coach Victoria. She started this season as our Dryland coach for the Gold, Black and Senior Groups, as a yoga instructor for the Silver groups. This season the GSH began to increase the focus on the strength development program, better known as dryland, we decided that we needed to do that with an expert, not many clubs have as part of their staff dryland instructors. Victoria is also a certified dietist. Hopefully, next season we will be able to deliver with her help a nutrition program.
  • Katie. She is the Gold, black and senior Yoga instructor. She left the club to take a training course outside of Canada, but she said she is coming back next season. She can deliver the focus on the stretching, body awareness, body control that yoga brings, with an excellently balanced approach that helps the swimmers to receive the benefits of the class.
  • Roberta. She came to replace Katie's classes when she left. We have her instruction for a short time, but she brought experience and different challenges to our swimmers, a great combination to have in the yoga sessions.

We have a stable full of talent staff; I am honoured and happy to work with all our coaches and teachers, together we are consistently improving the quality of the GSH program. Sadly, we had to stop working due to the pandemic isolation, but I am sure that this would only make our team stronger. Thanks for all you bring and for sharing and caring for our athletes and families.

To our group Liaisons, events coordinators board members & volunteers. 

The GSH depends on volunteers, parent's participation on our events, your help in the competitions we attend, organizing group gatherings and small celebrations is what makes the swim club alive. Without social interaction, it is just not the same; we learned that lesson during the past three months. Thanks to all that volunteered your time to help your kids and the rest of the team to have those valuable experiences, we need them, and we will encourage them to get them when we go back. 

To the swimmers

Without your goals and your dreams, no one would be able to create a group or a team. Thanks for trying every practice and competition to be better than before, for paying attention to coaches, for bringing your best effort. We want everyone back to finish what we started together, do not let this hard time break your motivation and your dreams.

To the parents

Without parents, we would not have swimmers. We know that parents are who sacrifice the most, driving kids to practice and competitions, paying the fees, buying the equipment, helping and volunteering. Thanks for being there and for your support that we get every day.

We are working hard to keep improving our program, our club. I know that we are moving in the right direction, swimming and the GSH is not off, it is only being paused, but the play button is going to be pressed, and we are going to resume our program. 


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I wish everyone a great week, 

Luis Luebs