Phase 2 Swim Practice News - Please Read

Swim Team Practice June 22nd - July 31st






(Your swimmer will be sent home if they do not come with their mask)


A Do’s and Do Not’s complete list is also highlighted on the main page of the website in a photo format.  In addition it was included in the email that went out to families when sent their swimmer(s) practice schedule. 


  1. Parents WILL NOT be allowed on deck during swim practice.  Due to safety limits, the number of people allowed to gather during Covid-19, and social distancing we can not stress this directive enough.  You can stay in your car in the parking lot, go for a walk, or go home and then return for pick up.   


  1. Please have your children capped and goggled before they enter the facility.  Coaches will not be allowed to touch your swimmer or help with this process.  Please teach your swimmer how to put on their own caps and goggles or help before they enter the facility.  There are YouTube videos that can help. 


  1. Please talk to your swimmer about using the bathroom at home before their designated practice time.  Bathrooms are not open and are only being used for emergencies.  Please talk to your swimmer about what is an emergency and what is not. 


  1. Younger swimmers ages 11 and under - please try and leave your swim bag at home.  Please understand that there is no furniture on the deck, so a bag on the ground will get wet.  Coaches will not be enforcing proper placements of bags.  Little ones tend to just throw bags on the ground and leave them open.  The less they can bring the better.  A towel can be thrown over the fence and will not get wet. 


  1. If your swimmer is sick in any fashion, please keep them home. Our coaches and reps are not trained medical professionals, so even the sniffles outside of seasonal allergies is not something we can distinguish as normal vs what could be Covid-19.  Obviously, if someone in your home or your swimmer comes down with Covid-19 they need to be home for at least 14 days before coming back to the pool.  Please let us know if this happens in your family.  


  1. Please be cognizant of your swimmer (s) days and swim time and which pool they are practicing in. In order to give everyone equal access to practice time we are splitting each group into a Monday/Wednesday/Friday or a Tuesday/Thursday Friday Group.  Fridays everyone will swim, but only half the time.   Example: 9:40 - 10:05 OR 10:10 - 10:35.   Please pay attention to what time your swimming is assigned. 


The Lower Pool is closest to the snack bar and has the slide.  


The Upper Pool has the diving boards and is closest to the upper tennis courts.  


Swimmers in the LOWER POOL will ENTER the facility through the clubhouse.  


Swimmers in the UPPER POOL will ENTER the facility down at the bottom of the parking lot and across from the parking lot tennis courts and tennis house.  We will have a coach stationed there the first week to help you locate the entrance. 


Everyone will EXIT at the same location which is the stairs leading down to the tennis house. 


  1. Make sure your family has filled out and returned the Highlands Waiver - Highlands Health Waiver Your swimmer will not be allowed into the pool if this form is not turned in.


  1. Please review the Weather Protocol posted on the Team Website


  1. Please read the Do’s and Don’t list provided at the end of this email.  Some of the guidelines are repeated on the Do and Do Not list.  Review them with your swimmer(s).  They are also posted on our website. 


***If you have questions or concerns please email Cheryl, Meggie and Kelly Rose.  We want to help as best we can.  We have worked very hard to organize a safe schedule for everyone, so please don’t email asking to change your swimmer’s days or times.  We can not honor such requests.  We understand this might mean your swimmers are split, but understand during a normal season your swimmers would be split into different age groups and therefore different times.  We understand these guidelines are very strict, but our utmost goal is creating a safe environment for your swimmer(s) this summer.  We promise they will also have fun. Our coaches are super excited and each one of them will bring their own element of fun and excitement to practice each day. 

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