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A Note From the Coach

Hello Makos,

We are back in the water and moving forward but I want to remind everyone that we are far from normal.  We are working hard to get everyone in the pool but we are extremely limited in both lanes and numbers we can have per practice.  While the 300 club is open to us, we have hours before or after their open hours of operation with the exception of a one-hour block in the morning.  That hour has allowed us to have more of our swimmers practice.  The city is open but we are allowed only 2 days a week and only 1 swimmer per lane.  No one is itching more than Coach Leonard to get everyone back to our “normal” training times and levels but it is just not possible at this point.  The team’s goal was to get everyone (all USA groups) in the pool and to build from there.  We have achieved this goal.  Your best option is to show up at all of your scheduled practices and make the most of that time given. 


  1. Please continue to follow the schedule we send out to you weekly; we cannot alter and stay within our policies. 
  2. No backpacks, please come ready with suit on and only a towel, cap and goggles.
  3. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before practice and leave right after practice is finished.
  4. Bathrooms and locker rooms are for emergency use only at all pools.
  5. When you are at the 300 Club, you need to wash your hands and shower prior to practice.
  6. While at the 300 Club make sure you park in the back lot or along the back row of parking.  Do not idle your car.
  7. The deck is closed, swimmers & coaches only.
  8. If you feel sick, stay home.

I am happy on how everyone has done so far with our procedures and encourage you all to continue to do so.  In these weird and challenging times, we as a team will continue to step up and be a model and positive influence in our community.  Thank you for your help.