Foxridge Swim Club


Hey Foxes!

We sure miss seeing you at practices, meets and all the other fun events that we are used to having throughout the swim season!

We have been talking through the possibility of creating a “Foxridge Swim Club” that would run July 7-August 7. Our hope is to run three later evening practices per week, and then to have early Saturday mornings set aside to celebrate with small group games, races and some sort of pep rally or team building activity. Obviously, we are working hard to ensure that we are organizing events that are responsive to the rules and regulations due to COVID.

As we work toward trying to best plan for this possibility, we are requesting that you reply to this email, letting us know whether you are interested (along with the ages of your kids), or not interested. We hope to get back to you this week with more details, including specific dates, times and cost.

Thank you and Go Foxes!


Ruth Ortiz

Foxridge Parent Rep