Message to all TFS Summer Clinic Families

Dear Stingray Summer Clinic Families,

Please do not ask coaches or board members to make exceptions to this summer's practice schedule.  Swimmers must swim with their assigned age group. 

Due to our new practice schedule, we are aware that we have many families who have swimmers scheduled for practices on different days/times and this may not be convenient for some families.  If we make exceptions to our guidelines, our capacity limits could be in jeopardy and we could damage the integrity of our contract / agreement to the city of Fernandina Beach. 

If the new practice schedule isn't working for your swimmer(s) and you would like to withdraw your registration, please email us at  We will remove your swimmer(s) from the roster and provide you with a full refund.  In addition to scheduling, if you are not comfortable with continuing summer clinic for any reason, please email us with a request for withdraw and refund.  We are operating in uncharted waters and want to be as supportive as possible while maintaining strict covid guidelines to keep everyone safe.  

Thank you for your understanding and support.  We hope that next year things can get somewhat back to normal and we will have more flexibility to move swimmers around to different practice times as needed/requested.

Your TFS Board