2020-21 Registration for Returning Members Opens July 1

Registration for the 2020-21 Short Course Season will open on July 1 for returning members and close on July 10.

As we explained during the Summer 2020 registration process, many questions remain about the pools to which we will have access during the 2020-21 season as well as the number of athletes we will be able to train while observing all applicable COVID-19 protocols. 

Despite this uncertainty, we do need to know how certain you are about swimming with MCA at any point during the 2020-21 season.  If you do not plan to have your swimmer train with MCA for the 2020-21 season (approximately September through March), you do not need to do anything at this time.  If you do plan to have your swimmer train with MCA, we ask that you please register your swimmer in his or her training group from the 2019-20 season.  Swimmers will be prioritized based on practice group and then on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once we have verified pool locations, practice times and the fee structure for each training group, we will send you an email notification with all the details.  No registrations will be approved until we have and share this information with you.  Upon receipt of that email, you will have 24 hours to confirm whether your swimmer will accept a spot and to receive a refund of fees paid if you choose to decline.  

Please note that registration for the 2020-21 short course season does not guarantee your swimmer a spot with MCA.  We will be limited not only in the number of swimmers but also the training groups we can accommodate due to pool availability, coach availability and strict adherence to all applicable COVID-19 protocols.  If we are not able to accommodate your swimmer, we will refund all fees paid.

We look forward to the 2020-21 SCY season!