Check in procedure / Temp requirements

 Good afternoon families,

I feel like swimmers are doing a great job getting the hang of the new procedures. Please remind your swimmers to keep 6 feet apart and to wear a mask until they are ready to get into the pool. 

Regarding temperatures, the YMCA is allowing entrance with temps below 100.4 as per the CDC guidelines. As a team, we have made the decision that swimmers with temperatures of 100.0 or higher will be asked to return home if it does not come down promptly once being inside. If a swimmer shows an elevated temp, we will take it again with an additional thermometer to confirm. I recommend parents wait until their swimmer is checked in before leaving. Swimmers can give parents a thumbs up from the door once they have their temps recorded. 

I am aware that swimmers walking to practice, sitting in the sun, or riding in a car without air conditioning may have an elevated body temperature. Please keep this in mind when planning transportation. If your swimmer needs to walk to practice, please be sure they have time to cool off in the shade and have some cool water before having their temperatures taken. Likewise, please do not have cold air blowing directly on your swimmer's forehead where it could lower body temp below normal readings. Coaches will keep a list of phone numbers in case a parent needs to be notified.

We greatly appreciate your help and understanding in this matter. We want everyone in the water! We also want to keep everyone as safe as possible and to ensure that we are able to stay in the water! Please respond to this email to let me know that you have received it. This policy will go into effect immediately. 

Have a great day!

Coach Stephanie