PNS General Chair - UPDATE for the LSC


PNS COVID-19 Update (June 25, 2020)

Update on the Activities of Pacific Northwest Swimming and USA Swimming


Dear Coaches and Club Leaders, Swimmers, Officials, and Families:

The process of working with facility operators to actually open pools continues.  Congratulations to those clubs that have successfully returned to water.  Other clubs are continuing to understand what plans are underway for a particular pool. This is the first step in what USA Swimming refers to as “crawl, walk, run”.  Other activities and planning are continuing as well.  Some of those are outlined in this status.

HOD Arrives Saturday Morning

The 2020 annual House of Delegates meeting is now just under two days away!  You probably won’t miss the on-going reminders.  Everyone is invited and it is still possible to register for the virtual session:

HOD Meeting  Saturday, June 27, 2020, 10:00 AM

If someone would like to attend the meeting, but has NOT yet registered, then they need to contact the PNS office ((253) 852-0680 or ).  Each club can have three delegates; other attendees will be able to speak but will not have a vote.

The agenda for the meeting, all the By-Law and policy amendments and the ballot for the open Board positions are posted on the PNS website: .

If anyone has problems connecting the Zoom link on Saturday morning, please contact the PNS Office ((253) 852-0680 or ) and provide a contact phone number.  Assistance in getting connected will be available if needed.

All attendees will “have a voice” but in order to speak, an individual will need to “raise their hand” (figuratively via the Zoom functionality) and be recognized by the chair.  Microphones for all attendees will be muted at all other times to prevent extraneous noise interference.

USA Swimming Survey of Clubs

All clubs should have received a survey from USA Swimming yesterday, June 24.  The objective is to gain an understanding of how clubs around the country are doing in reopening.  This will be one of the factors in the structure of the forthcoming second round of USA Swimming club assistance.  That survey is due TOMORROW, June 26, and can be found at:

if you have not received it or have not yet responded.


Club Assistance from USA Swimming

The second round of USAS and the Foundation funding will be focused on reopening efforts.  Those results of the survey currently underway (see above) will provide the basis for the application design and a more streamlined award process for round 2 of grants.  The round 2 application process is now scheduled to begin in approximately 10 days and close about 10 days after that.  The Foundation and USA Swimming hope to award about $1.5M in this second phase.


New USA Swimming Website

The new USA Swimming website ( is now in production.  The development team recognizes that there are a few broken links and some bugs in the system.  Feedback on the re-organization of the subjects and the new (improved) search capabilities is welcome and can be sent to Shana Ferguson ( ) .


Response to a Positive COVID-19 Test

As of this week, USA Swimming has received reports from three clubs that they are responding to positive COVID-19 tests.  One of those clubs, from South Texas, reported on their experiences in reacting to a positive test from an otherwise asymptomatic staff member.  Their lessons from going through the process included:

  1. For clubs, it’s not a question of “if”, it’s a question of “when”.
  2. Have a response plan in place (they didn’t).
  3. Follow CDC as well as local and state guidelines (they received good support from the CDC).
  4. Remember to follow the HIPPA, OSHA and Workplace guidelines regarding regulations and information release.


Some of their actions that worked well in their response were:

  1. Deep cleaning procedures (avoided 24 hour shutdown).
  2. Masks and social distancing policies.
  3. Contact tracing (having attendance records).
  4. Understanding definitions of “direct” and “indirect” contact.
  5. Communication to all potentially impacted parties (1500+) was well received.

Maryland also provided their example of a Positive Response Protocol:


New USA Swimming By-Laws

All clubs should have received information regarding the recent changes to the USA Swimming By-Laws that will potentially affect some clubs.  First, one amendment will now require that all club Board members for Board-run clubs must be non-athlete members of USA Swimming.  This change resulted from U.S. Center for Safe Sport requirements.  Since Board members may have significant influence over minor athletes, this modification was implemented.  Circumstances will vary though.  For instance, organizational Boards such as a YMCA Board which does not have direct responsibility for swimming activities would not be included under this provision.  This is the tentative interpretation (but the basic requirement does exist) and there will be clarification and definition of reporting, but board run clubs should begin planning.

The second amendment affects the coach owned clubs.  The new requirement is that there be a second adult authority who is also a non-athlete member of USA Swimming.  There needs to be a second individual who can provide an alternative communication path for parents and others as well as USA Swimming.  In addition, it provides a check and balance.  Again, there will be clarification coming, but coach run clubs should begin planning.


Other Resources

The USA Swimming led effort, the Aquatics Coalition ( is now comprised of over 30 organizations with over 70 regular participants.  There are resource materials for working with facilities regarding the reopening of pools as well as other appeals letters to government organizations, etc.

In addition, some states and locales have organizations that support all youth activities.  Recommendations from USA Swimming are to understand what other youth service organizations in the area are doing and where they are going.  This may influence your planning and recruiting.



Everyone please stay safe and stay healthy.  Questions are always welcome and, like suggestions, can be forwarded via the message capability on the website.  Hope to see everyone on Saturday morning for the HOD meeting.