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6/26/20 pool related updates

Good morning HSSB families::


I am sure many of you saw the recent email from Superintendent Damian LaCroix with a task force update. In this message Superintendent LaCroix touched on the community pool. For those that have not seen it the message read:


Howard-Suamico Community Pool Update

  • We are excited to announce the Howard-Suamico Community Pool is in the process of staffing and reopening for limited programming. In the meantime, the pool will remain closed to the public until at least mid-July. Relatedly, swim lessons will not be available in July; a limited set of offerings is being considered for August. Please stay tuned for a reopening date and stay current by visiting the Community Pool website .


This is a great turning point for our team. Although there is no specific date at this point, we are in contact with the district and are excited about this great news that there is planning in place. We are hopeful to have even more answers in the coming week or so and will share that information as we receive it. Thank you all for your patience and support.


With the exact date of our pool opening still uncertain, we have worked out an opportunity to provide some team structured pool time at Legion Pool. It is not a lot of time, but it is better than nothing. The time that has been given to HSSB is 7:30-9:30 AM on Fridays, beginning with Friday July 10th. There are some stipulations for this facility that we will be following in order to use it.

  1. As is the case for when we return to our pool, only one swimmer is allowed in a lane unless from the same family. There are roughly 9 “lanes” available.

  2. As part of the rental agreement, the maximum number of people in the pool area will be 40 (including coaches). We will be doing this on a first come, first serve basis, so If you want a spot, fill out the survey linked at the bottom ASAP.

    1. The plan is to use 4 coaches so the maximum number of available spots will be 36 . If this changes, we will let you know.

    2. The number of yes responses received will determine how long each swimmer will have in the pool. While not in the pool, swimmers will be doing other dryland activities but will need to be spaced out.

    3. All 36 swimmers need to be there at the start (10 minutes ahead of time is preferred). No one will be let in after 7:30. 

    4. If interest is high enough, we will look into alternating Fridays to accommodate for those that miss out on the first one.

  3. Once the 36 swimmer max has been hit, I will send out an email stating that there are no further sign ups available for this date. If you did not make the first 36 but are still interested, please fill out the survey anyway so that I know who to give preference to first for the next time.

  4. Some important notes about using this facility:

    1. Swimmers need to arrive ready to swim, the locker rooms will only be used for a quick shower once everyone is in the pool area.

    2. As will be our policy once our pool opens, swimmers will need to wear a mask upon arrival and while entering the facility and preparing for practice to start.

    3. Swimmers will have 5 minutes to towel off and put their clothes on over their suits after practice.

    4. Swimmers will exit through the designated gate directly off the pool deck.

  5. If you answer yes to the survey linked below, that is a firm yes. This survey will be shut off on Sunday July 5th at Noon and families will not be able to say yes after that. There will be no exceptions on this.

Thank you!