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Team Email - June 26 - IMPORTANT!!!

Hello Sharks! 

Hope everyone is doing well and getting excited about Phase 4! 

6 VITAL things to know for the end of June...

1) Current Training Groups in the water - as of today, all our performance groups have returned to the pool as well as Masters swimming, JA & SA from our Advanced programs and 18U & 14U return to the pool this weekend, with priority going to athletes active in the dryland program for this first weekend. We were hoping to see some revised guidelines for pools as well as IHSA guidelines soon, but we have not yet recieved those updates. We anticipate seeing something soon, but obviously are at the whim of the governing bodies right now!  

  • Schedule for next week will be posted on google by the end of today (probably 7ish).
  • Weekend schedule (June 27-28) has been posted.
  • Dryland will stay online for the foreseeable future
  • Please remember that athletes must have waivers on file and have attended a zoom training to participate in workouts with their parents
  • Only athletes who have been actively paying/participating - April/May/June - are eligible for in-water workouts at this time
  • Additional June water workout billing has been added to your invoice
  • July has been invoiced at the full swim rate

2) Return schedule for remaining groups. JR/A9/A8/D6/D5/Novice will all return to the water on July 6th. That schedule has not been determined yet, but we should have something next week.

  • Plan on gettting an email next week with options for zoom trainings - athletes and parents must attend
  • July will be invoiced at the swimming rate - unless you would prefer your athlete remain online only. Please let the coaching staff know if you will be opting to stay online-only for July by June 30th. 

3) Billing - please check your July invoice for accuracy. It will include both the June add-on for athletes who have returned to the pool as well as July invoices for practices. If you have questions regarding your invoice  - please email Kristen at - preferably prior to the end of the month.

  • This invoice will be charged on July 1. All adjustments must be made by June 30th. 

4) New Members/Members on Retainer.

  • We are NOT taking any new members at this time. If you are currently affiliated with a nearby program, while we appreciate the interest, please communicate and support your current team. We are NOT accepting local transfers this summer. 
  • Athletes who are not currently training with our program but who have paid the $100 retainer are considered a TIER 2 athlete. After the program has returned to the pool in full, we will evaluate our available practice group sizes and communicate if space is available after July 15. Tier 2 Athletes accepted at that time will have to pay the full month of July and will be able to participate in workouts after attending a zoom training & submitting waivers. 
  • Athletes who have not paid the retainer but have expressed interest in returning to our program as well as all new athletes are considered a TIER 3 athlete. Access to practice will be considered after all Tier 2 athletes have been offered spots. 
  • Masters Exception: After all athletes have returned to the pool, we will be allowing for new Masters beginning July 10th and will be able to participate after attending a zoom training & submitting waivers. July swim fees are $100 for the month plus a $100 registration fee. 
  • Please remember, we will be restricting all training groups to 24 athletes in the  2020-2021 season in anticipation of reduced pool availability and increased restrictions on access.

5) Option for August. We are planning on offering programming for the entire team throughout August, since we were out of the water for 100 days. 

  • All active athletes in July will have the option to take August off for a $50 retainer.  If you would like to take this option, please communicate that to the staff NO LATER THAN July 30th. Athletes on retainer will not be allowed at August workouts.
  • If you have been an active athlete for April/May/June but would like to take July off - you will need to pay the online programming fee for the month of July.  We are only offering the retainer for August. 

6) Fall/Winter 2020 Registration. We will be simplifying registration for Fall 2020.

  • All active athletes as of August 1, will be automatically registered for Fall 2020 and assessed a $125 Registration fee on September 1st as well as their monthly September fees. 
  • This registration will be valid for Sept 2020-July 2021.
  • If you are not planning to participate in the fall - please let the staff know by August 15th so that we can notify athletes in the Tier 2/Tier 3 of available spots. 
  • Rates for 2020-2021 will be published by August 1. We will be staying with a monthly structure to allow for flexibilty between online-only & in-water programming if necessary.