A visit from mayoral candidate Bud Stonebraker

Aloha all,

I reached out to several mayoral candidates regarding the role of youth sports in raising the future leaders of Hawai'i.  Specifically, I wanted to get their ideas on how the city and private sports organizations such as Aulea could partner together to make a better experience for our families.

Many mahalos to Bud Stonebaker for taking the time to come visit our beach practice on Wednesday.  Here is a picture of Bud and the kids at practice: https://www.teamunify.com/hiasc/__doc__/IMG-4866.jpeg

 I also had a very enriching conversation with Bud and he shared his stories of being a champion wrestler at Kaiser high school.  Bud has his kids of his own and it became clear to me that youth sports and youth in general are a priority for Bud.  I wanted to share the message that he sent me if you are interested in learning more about him:

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. What a great program you’re running! The young people that you are instilling with discipline, hard work, and values are the hope for our future. There are thousands of people like you and I who want to bring positive change to our island and I intend to empower them to use their ingenuity and creativity. 
We need common sense in our government, not expensive special interest projects. The city owes people like you a debt of gratitude for the good that you are bringing to our community.
I hope that you, your friends, and your team will help me to bring back common sense and aloha. 
Much Mahalo,
Bud Stonebraker 
Go Aulea!
Coach Joe