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News from the Pool- Week of June 28

News from the Pool- Week of June 28


June 29-July 3








Varsity/ Senior/Prep with (Matt/

Marisa )

Varsity/ Senior/Prep with (Matt/

Marisa )

Varsity/ Senior/Prep with (Matt/

Marisa )

Varsity/ Senior/Prep with (Matt/

Marisa )

Varsity/ Senior/Prep with (Matt/

Marisa )



5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Workout with Ramina

Lego Club with Ramina

OR Tabata+ Smoothies (bring anything you want for a smoothie after our workout! Recipe ideas HERE )  with


Move to the Beat Workout with Ramina

Lego Club with Ramina

OR Yoga with


4th of July Pies with Claire

20 tbsp unsalted butter

2 ½ cups flour

2 tbsp sugar

1 tea salt

½ cup ice water

Any fruit

Cornstarch (optional)



Yoga with Claire

Spencer’s Ab workout

Pilates with Claire

Dave’s Ab workout

Pilates with Claire




JV/JV+ meeting 

with Dave/ Spencer

Gold meeting with Dave/ Spencer

Sewing scrunchies with Claire

Fabric approx 18-22" long x 4" wide

Elastic/ hair ties




Spencer’s Cardio Camp 

All Ages Swimming workout with Matt

Dave Light weights workout

Spencer’s full body workout




Spencer’s Light Weight workout

Iron Chef with Alyssa (find ingredient here )





RETURNING TO THE POOL SOMETIME THIS WEEK:  We have been patiently waiting for 16 weeks for pools to reopen for youth programming while training our staff on the Covid protocols put into place by the county. We look to return to the pool sometime this week with our swimmers. We are finalizing the procedures and ironing out the details of the return.  We will start with the Senior, Varsity and High School Prep swimmers first, before the JV, Gold and Race Team swimmers start back.  As soon as I have the final details (including the time slots for you to select), we will have those available for you to sign up. 

It will be very important to stay tuned into your email in order to get the most up to date information on the days and times available for your swimmer to return.  Once you select a slot, that will be the time slot for your swimmer for the duration of the season (through August 1.)  We can not switch to different days/times once you are locked into your slot due to the county health regulations.

Once we do return to the pool, we will continue to host an abbreviated Zoom schedule for those that are looking to expand their training and have fun online with our staff!

Coach Marisa will run 2 Zoom meetings next week for parents and swimmers to attend to go over the protocols that we will enforce for our swimmers to return to practice.  Days/times TBD. We hold safety and health at the forefront of every decision we make for our swimmers and staff.   Coach Marisa is a stickler for these Public Health orders (especially as she is finishing up two Masters degrees in Public Health and Health Education.)  The return will be gradual as we are all learning the protocols, but we can't WAIT to get them back into the safest place to be: SOAKING IN BLEACH!!!!!!

SAN JOSE SWIM AND RACQUET CLUB LESSONS: Are you members of the SJSRC?  Know someone who is?  Our socially distanced lessons will begin at the club the week of July 6.  These classes are for SJSRC members only.  They are filling fast and are very popular.  To learn more, check out www.swimatsjsrc.com

ZOOM: Same meeting code as last week- 750 879 6072, with the “summer” password.

For the 8:30 class for Prep, Varsity and Senior, use 225 668 6688 with the “summer” password.

LAP SWIM WORKOUT IDEAS: As some of our BAY swimmers are finding lanes in lap swimming pools, we have put together some set and workout ideas.  Check them out here!  We will add new suggestions every week.  Just be sure the swimmers are focusing on technique, distance per stroke, kicking off the walls and using arms and legs equally.

JULY BILLING for Gold, JV, JV+, Prep, Varsity and Senior:  As we head into the end of June, I’d like to recheck with you to see if your circumstances have changed.  If you would like to suspend your membership, change your billing, apply for a scholarship or keep it the same, please let us know here.  If we do not hear from you, we will continue your membership as it currently stands (keeping it the same as June.)  Here is the form for July billing.

SUMMER READING CHALLENGE: Looking for a way to stay motivated this summer and tap into some real page turners?  Check out our BAY Summer Reading Challenge!  We will be tracking our swimmers, parents and coaches as they submit log entries throughout the months of June and July.  Fill out the form including the title, author, number of pages and recap.  We will have awards for the person in each age group who reads the most number of pages this summer!!! We will divide into ages 6 and under, 7-8s, 9-10s, 11-12s, 13-14s, 15-18s and parents/coaches.  Who doesn’t love prizes?!?!

Our book review of the week comes from Gold swimmer, Isabel Mata who read All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. (Coach marisa has also read this and LOOOOOOOOOVED it!!!!) Marie-Laure lives with her father in Paris near the museum of which he works. When she turns 12 Nazis occupy her city and they flee to Saint-Malo where Marie-Laure's uncle, who has schizophrenia, in a large house by the ocean. They carry with them what could be the museum's most valuable and dangerous crystal.

CONGRATS TO THIS WEEK’S MOVIE REVIEW WINNER: Gold swimmer, Isabel Mata (yes, the same from the book review.  She’s on a roll!!!) The Lion King has always been my favorite movie. The movie is about Simba, heir of his father, Mufasa and his evil uncle Scar. Scar wants to take the throne from Mufasa so he lures Simba and his father into a stampede caused by Scar's allies, the hyenas. Simba escapes, but Mufasa dies. Simba later returns to the pride lands as an adult to challenge Scar for the throne.


MOBILE SWIM SCHOOL! Please tell a friend or three.

Swimspirational film list

Movie Review with chance to win $20 gift card

Ritual sheet

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