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Tri Club Meets Tuesday!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday! Usual group times at River park.

  • Don't forget bike helmet and clearly labeled water bottles. Please remind members of social distancing rules that all parents and athletes can be comfortable with our program.
  • If you need to leave early please please make sure the group coach is aware.
  • Parents are encouraged to ride the bike path up to Devon with groups 1 and 2 (10 Ups) and around the park with group 3 (9 Unders). There are a couple tricky spots that caused minor crashes last week including the blind underpass at Legion baseball field (Bryn Mawr) and potholes near Peterson Ave.
  • The River Park supervisor was notified of the distracting kids and their fireworks on the track last week. She in turn notified her security and the 17th CPD District. We hope that they will not be a continuing problem but if they are please do not engage them, we recommend going into the fieldhouse first and notifying the supervisor and park security.