WI Swimming Updates Week of June 29

Keep WI Swimming Strong Fundraiser

The Keep Wisconsin Swimming Strong fundraiser has raised $4,795.00 from direct donations through the website and about 250 pieces have been sold for which WSI gets $20 for each item. That makes the grand total about $10,000 so far!


If you have not yet made a contribution would you please consider either a direct donation or go to the web store and pick up a T-Shirt, Hoodie or Thermal Mug and show your support for Wisconsin Swimming? With our help, Wisconsin Swimming can continue without further cuts after the end of the summer. Each month, WSI pays it’s staff and has fixed costs of about $10,000.



2020 Zone Team Apparel

With the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling our Open Water Zone and Pool Zone Meets, we would like to offer an opportunity for Team Wisconsin Athletes to celebrate and honor their accomplishments. We will be offering 2020 Team Wisconsin Apparel, for purchase, through Elsmore Swim Shop. We will have Zone Team warm-ups, t-shirts, shorts, swim caps and even masks available for purchase. The Team Wisconsin online store will open in the next couple of days. There will be an email with more information. Purchases from this site will also provide a direct donation back to WI Swimming. 


WI Swimming Website Update and Athlete Photos Needed

 A task force of WI Swimming members are working with Teamunify on redesigning the WI Swimming website. Parents, we need your help! We are looking for you to submit photos of your athletes to be featured in a photo collage on the WI Swimming website. If you would like your athlete(s) to be featured on the front page of the website, please  send pictures of you and your friends at the pool to our Senior Athlete Representative Reilly Tiltmann at