Congratulations Class of 2020!

Graduating Class of 2020

Canyons Aquatic Club


Hey Canyons!  Every year during this time, we get to enjoy the warm weather that summer brings but more importantly, we get to celebrate the graduating seniors.  During their time with Canyons Aquatics, the graduating class of 2020 has proven that the team continues to meet and exceed our goals in developing well-rounded individuals.  Each swimmer has done their part in contributing to the team, through performance, leadership, and legacy.  Their presence on the deck is revered by many of our younger athletes and they serve as great role models for those following in their footsteps.  As these athletes move on to tackle the next challenge in life, we believe that their time on the team has well prepared them for the future, both in and out of the pool.  Canyons is so proud of these seniors and would like to congratulate them on their accomplishments.  Here are our seniors:



Max Catig

College:  Boise State University

High School:  Hart

Favorite Stroke:  Backstroke

Time with Canyons:  7 Years

Favorite Team Memory:  4x100 Medley Relay from Spring Sectionals 2020 when we broke the SCS record.

Best Advice:  Through hardships and adversity, we build character. Every coach is going to teach you something different, whether it's in the water or out of it. Trust the process and always trust yourselves. 

Goals: Making top 8 in my conference, qualifying for NCAA, getting my Olympic Trials cut



Daniel Deme

College:  COC 2 years then UCLA  
High School:  West Ranch 
Favorite Stroke:  Butterfly 
Best Advice:  When you experience uncertainty, you are on the right path- so don't give it up. You don't need to have complete and rigid idea of what you'll doing next week or next year, because if you have a very clear idea of what's going to happen and get rigidly attached to it, then you shut out a whole range of possibilities. - Chopra 
Goals:  Be healthy, keep going and break records.



Gabriel Flores

College: COC

High School: Valencia

Time with Canyons:  2 Years



Ted Hwang

College:  Pomona College

High School:  West Ranch

Favorite Stroke:  Breaststroke, IM

Time with Canyons:  10 Years

Favorite Team Memory:  Winning spring sectionals 2020 with the team

Best Advice:  Work hard and remember to have fun

Goals:  Win a Conference title with my college


Danny Kharaev

College:  University of California, Santa Cruz

High School:  Valencia

Favorite Stroke:  Freestyle

Favorite Memory: Summer JO’s last year

Best Advice:  Whatever spot you’re in, whether you’re getting faster or not, try to always have fun and enjoy your time swimming.  If you’re enjoying the sport the success will follow. 

Goals:  To enjoy college and life while being successful with them.


Charlie Morici

College:  University of Michigan

High School:  West Ranch

Favorite Stroke:  Butterfly

Time with Canyons: 12 Years

Favorite Team Memory:  Canyons getting first place at Sectionals 2020

Best Advice:  Regardless of your speed and times right now stick with it and keep working hard because eventually it will pay off more than you could ever expect. 

Goals:  Make to NCAA championships



Reagan Nibarger

College:  UCSB 

High School:  West ranch 

Favorite Stroke:  Freestyle

Time with Canyons:  8 Years

Favorite Team Memory:  Winning the 4 medley with Vivi, Iza, and Max AND getting the SCS record (and texas junior nationals with them)

Best Advice:  Do what makes you happy and have fun along the way, your accomplishments will follow 

Goals:  Swim- make it to NCAA and qualify for olympic trials senior year of college / career- balance swimming with an internship and try to work in college to gain experience before I graduate



Vivi Raker

College:  University of California, Santa Cruz

High School:  Saugus

Favorite Stroke:  Butterfly

Time with Canyons:  10 Years

Favorite Team Memory: The Winter Juniors Trip in Austin, Texas, probably one of the funniest/ fastest meets I’ve been too and had so much fun with my best friends.

Best Advice:  Don’t fall in mud

Goals:  I’m continuing my journey in swimming and hope to set some new school records! I hope to study abroad during college and double major in film and environmental studies!



Ronit Shrestha

College:  UC Irvine

High School:  Valencia

Favorite Stroke:  Butterfly

Favorite Team Memory:  My favorite canyons memory is the first Far Westerns trio I went on in sixth grade. I was new to the sport and the team and it was my first travel trip. I made so many friends and fell in love with the sport here.

Best Advice:  Take that chance.

Goals:  I’m going to UCI and pursuing an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. Afterwards I plan to go to graduate school and get my MBA!